Is this the greatest book in the world?

That’s it really… I just found this unreasonably funny, so I thought I’d share it. If you have any better ones then let me know.


7 thoughts on “Is this the greatest book in the world?

  1. Loving it! Well done. I shall link to you on my blog. Hurrah. And other short sentences. xx

  2. I’ve just noticed: that was your first comment! How exciting. One question: how come I can still get to your old blog? Have you just hidden it from your profile but are planning on preserving it for…posterity? Man, I’m funny.

  3. Oh well, Amy won the competition to comment first. It shouldn’t really count though, being as the strike was stopping me getting to work and using the internet!!!

  4. I think we should all congratulate Amy on being not only the first but also second person to comment on my new foray into the blogosphere.

    Yes, Amy, the old one still exists but I have hidden it. It can live on forever in our hearts and minds.

    And Juliet: really three exclamation marks is un peu excessive. It makes you seem a little… crazed.

    Hello Pomgirl!

  5. Mmm, I think stuff like putting three question marks can’t make me seem any MORE crazed than the fact I’m going out with you. Actually that is a long, confusing sentence, maybe the strike is finally getting to me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I should point out that what I said earlier is no longer true, i.e. my old blog does not exist any more.

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