When I cook pasta I add salt. This makes health conscious types shake their heads and say “tut” but I do it because I think it makes the water boil faster. I don’t know whether it actually does or not, but it should, and just believing that it does helps me pass the time.

I am stopping, however, as yesterday I accidentally dropped the whole salt mill into the water.

It is often said, and I can now confirm through personal experience, that putting your hand into a pan of boiling water really, really hurts.


3 thoughts on “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!

  1. Oh really. That is shocking. i’m afraid I just can’t go out with somebody so stupid

    PS. dumped

  2. Since it’s now linked from the front page of your blog, I don’t feel utterly sad commenting on such an old post, so…

    Adding salt to the water does not make it boil faster. In fact, it makes it boil more slowly. However, it does raise the temperature at which the water boils (by a few degrees), which means that once the water is boiling, the pasta will cook more quickly.

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