Following on from a conversation I had at work today, I would just like to clarify that teacakes do not have to have currants in them.


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  1. Hmm, third attempt at telling you to stop being silly, Chris! Teacakes have currants in them, otherwise they are just bread rolls. Call them “cobs” if you absolutely have to, but not teacakes.

  2. Why doesn’t your page show that I’ve commented? Herrumph! This keeps on happening to me and it makes me look like some kind of crazed repeating person! Sort it, please?!

  3. Amy. Several points need making here.

    Teacakes do not have to have currants in them. You are thinking of currant teacakes. There is a clue in the name. That is one.

    It is not my blog that makes you look like a “crazed repeating person”, it is your three posts in a row! That is two.

    However, you are very welcome to post as much as you like, as at least you are a mix of nasty and nice. Rebecca Juliet, however, is unrelentingly nasty and may find that we don’t quite make it to our 2nd anniversary if she is not careful. And how do you think she would like that?

    Not very much. That’s right.

  4. Chris:

    Point one:
    I haven’t seen any evidence of Rebecca Juliet being nasty… In any case, if she doesn’t make it to your second anniversary (what if you don’t make it though?!) she can just hook up with any man who finds her concentratingly attractive in the supermarket. She will be fine.
    You are so so so wrong about the teacakes thing! There is no such thing as a “currant teacake” because ALL teacakes have currants in them! *sigh!*
    Your blog wasn’t showing my comments, which is why I had to comment three times!
    I take it we are not having coffee today then?! 😉

  5. Let’s compromise.

    We will just say that teacakes don’t necessarily have currants, but currant teacakes do.

    How is that?!

    And Rebecca Juliet is very adept at hiding her nasty side… Witness how she hasn’t yet commented on this knotty issue. A perfect example of her nastiness in hiding!

  6. That is not a compromise! Teacakes always have currants in them! This is not a knotty issue; you are just wrong and Juliet probably knows that I can win this one on my own!

  7. Oh dear, I wasn’t aware I was in so much danger of being dumped. How can you possibly say I’m unrelentingly nasty. At least I’m not pushing the issue like Amy. I’d like to propose a new somution to th question actually. We don’t care- they are all nice.

    Cons are an interesting one. A sausage sandwich can just never be as good as a sausage cob. Do they really only have those around our area?


  8. I am not pushing the issue: I am standing my ground until Chris acknowledges he is wrong. I began to relent a few days ago when I thought I had upset him and he was sulking but apparently I had not and he was not so I am standing my ground again. I am not very brave, really. First sign of that strtch machine they used to torture people with: I’d have blabbed!

  9. No, no, no. If he’s getting annoyed that’s when you have to keep going. (You never know you might get rid of him for good!)

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