Teacakes: an update

Yep, some of them are still currantless.


3 thoughts on “Teacakes: an update

  1. I’m not talking to your blog. Although I did like the Midland Mainline rant. And it’s quite nice to argue with someone properly about something without just bottling it all up and silently seething and breaking things etc…

  2. Look!

    This is my final word on the subject: (actually that is a blatant lie, but hey)

    In Yorkshire, buns/cobs/rolls/whatever are called teacakes. It is as simple as that. Whether you do or do not call them that is irrelevent. My initial post said “teacakes do not have to have currants in” and in order for this to be true you only have to find one example of a teacake that has no currants and the discussion is over. The Yorkshire bread rolls are that example. The chocolate ones are another.

    I trust this proves that anyone who still maintains teacakes have currants in are aggressive bigots who do not tolerate diversity, and should join Hitler, Castro, Tony Blair, and other like-minded individuals in whichever metaphorical pit they currantly inhabit.

  3. Chocolate teacakes I give you. “Yorkshire bread rolls” I do not. They are bread rolls! You have just said so yourself! The clue is in the name!

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