Proud to be a brunet

So, the thing is, right, a girl with blonde hair is a blonde, and a man is a blond.

So… Do you get male brunets?

If not, I am campaigning for it to be a new word.


3 thoughts on “Proud to be a brunet

  1. Ooh! A “brunay”. Not sure about that. Sounds a bit odd… “I’m blonde but my boyfriend’s a brunay”. Hmm, definitely not sure…

  2. I’m not sure I like it as “brunay”… In my head it rhymes with… punnet.

    Slightly irregular I know!

    (If I were actally adding it to the dictionary, I would advise that it should be pronounced the same way as brunette.)


  3. Yeah I have to agree with Chris on punnet rather brulée (as in creme, mmm). Much as agreeing with him pains me.

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