I hate text speak

A list of “words” whose use should be punishable by slow, painful death:

1. gr8
2. wot
3. 2moro
4. luv
5. l%k (this one has to be my personal favourite…)

Feel free to add more.


4 thoughts on “I hate text speak

  1. How about “bout”; “t” (as in ‘the’); “‘n'” (as in ‘and);”wen”; “b”… I must to confess that I use all of them…but you know that anyway. It doesn’t mean I don’t find them intensely annoying.

  2. Luv is the worst. Mainly in Christmas cards. Does it mean the person doesn’t deserve actual love?

  3. Yes Amy, they are all annoying (!) although as you are the only person in the world to use “t” to mean “the” that is less annoying, and becomes more endearing.

    Wen and wot are my least favourites, although luv is a close third… You don’t even have to type it in yourself these days (see later post!)

  4. Someone else must use “t” to mean “the”. I can’t possibly have made that up myself, surely?

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