Do you like rap music?

This is the Goldie Lookin Chain. I went to see them in Nottingham a few weeks ago (but am just getting round to posting about it because, unlike some people, my blog only owns 6% of me…). They were great! I didn’t even mind that I had to go out on a school night, or that my clothes smelled of marijuana when I got home.

So: does anybody know if that is still illegal in this country? The last time I checked, they weren’t selling it on the tobacco stall down the market.

(Yes, I know this leaves me open to a very obvious comeback, but I am just going to leave it there and let someone state the obvious if they so desire.)


6 thoughts on “Do you like rap music?

  1. I can’t believe when you said you’d been to a “rap concert” you actually saw Goldie Lookin Chain! I have heard of them, so they MUST be well known!
    It is indeed still illegal; a Class B drug in fact. Apparently some people put it in cakes…

  2. I’ve heard that other people smoke it.

    Yes, I did see the GLC, those fine exponents of Welsh Comedy Rap.

    I don’t imagine you would like them very much Amy!

  3. What an assumption! I am offended! Is it because I am blonde? Or a nurse? Or a Christian? Or just too old…?!
    (You are probably right. But they are Welsh).

  4. Well… you are all of those things…!

    No; believe it or not, I wasn’t stereotyping you, I was just balancing what they are like with what you are like and came to the considered conclusion that you wouldn’t like them.

    But I suppose you might.

    Have you listened to them at all?!

  5. No, but I think you are right nevertheless.
    Are you saying I am too old?! (I’m not sure for what…)

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