Just how frequent is frequent?

I travel on the Eurostar at least once a month. Twice, in fact. Once there, once back. Sometimes more. So it was with an average amount of excitement that I read about the “Eurostar Frequent Traveller” programme, which means I can save up points and get money off my tickets.

“How annoying,” I thought to myself. “I wish I’d thought to register at the start of the year.”

So I set off filling the form in, and now I am a member.

Except, of course, that isn’t what happened at all. You would think, wouldn’t you, that being a freqent traveller on the Eurostar would make you eligible for the “Eurostar Frequent Traveller” programme? But no, you have to spend something like £200 for a return or £120 for a single to start being a member. (Just to put that in context, the prices have just gone up, but I still would pay an average of £80 return.) So I will never be able to join.

Is there any form of public transport that doesn’t set out to make me choke on my own bile?