A turnip for the books

I went away for the weekend. It was very nice. What was not nice was the Eurostar being 57 minutes late. This was made even not nicer when we tramped down to the platform, then had to tramp back up to the waiting room, then had to tramp down again 40 minutes later.

I like the word “tramp”.

Anyway, this was obviously made worse by the fact Rebecca was about a five minute walk away but made strangely inaccessible by the wall of armed French thugs, sorry, policemen.

So, to attempt to cut a long rant short, I was an hour late in London, raced on the tube, but still missed my connection at St Pancras… It then cost me £33 to buy an on-the-day single, and meant I arrived home at 3am (which is, incidentally, a time which is too late for taxis to be waiting outside Derby station).

Or… did it?

I recognise that I am overusing this phrase, but I like a surprise ending.

Believe it or not, I spoke to the Midland Mainline representative in London and she allowed me to transfer my ticket to the next train, in spite of the fact that (a) you can’t transfer them, (b) it only cost me £3.95 on the internet, and (c) I had no proof of why I was late (funnily enough I was too busy legging it to catch my train to ask for proof…).

In summary: I love Midland Mainline, they are great! I will never complain again!

(The rest of it was true though. I only had about four hours sleep, poor me.)


3 thoughts on “A turnip for the books

  1. You poor thing!

    You were nice about me in a blog which I enjoyed. I wasn’t actually 5 minutes away (although not far off as my home is only 15 minutes away) because I hate it when you leave Lille so I have to run out of the station really quickly so I don’t think about how bad it is.

    Ah, look at me saying something soft and not slagging you off!

  2. Hang on, I’ve only just noticed: is there actually a reference to turnips in your blogpost?! If not, there should be!

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