American Gothic

I have just bought this on DVD.

Is it the best series ever?


6 thoughts on “American Gothic

  1. Haha! I am a 1 person who are wrong! OMG WTF LOL

    Hello Chris. How are you? I have just been browsing your blog, spending time being highly entertained by your general contempt for… well, just about everything.

    One question to Rebecca, who I am sure will post here – why Juliet?

  2. Hi there Walesy,

    Now it will be 2 people which will make Chris happy!

    Juliet is my middle name, and I am thinking about changing it. It’s very complicated so if you actually want to understand you will have to read the relevant post on my blog (I don’t want to bore Chris etc with it, as it is all a bit dull

  3. You can’t be called Chris you idiot, because Chris whose blog it is is called Chris. Sort it out pronto.

    I will give you the link when I am not paying for my internet time

  4. Walesy, I was about to congratulate you on not linking to some radical Neo-conservative site full of crapulent drivel about how immigrants are destroying British life, but you have let me down!

    And I don’t have contempt for everything! Just… some things!

  5. ^ Including immigrants?

    I object to being labelled a neo-Con; I am a modernising Conservative! And I can indeed be called Chris, because, well, Chris I am. Although I realise you were Chris first. Still.

    Well I am pleased to see your well; judging by your contemptuous comments, you are indeed happier than ever! I am pleased to see “Juliet” is well too. Incidentally, have you seen the London Underground song? You will need speakers. It is crapulent drivel but against people other than immigrants (and despite the web address, it is indeed not a pro-Labour site):

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