Sorry, I know I am being unusually loquacious today, but I am getting more harassed than ever by the misspelling of this word.

If you cannot spell definitely then go and lock yourself in a dark room, learn to spell it, and then you may re-enter society. If you wish to punish yourself physically that would be fine too.

If you think I am being too picky then you are wrong.


5 thoughts on “Definitely

  1. Chris is being very nice in this blog (sorry, insert whatever the word is you prefer to ‘blog’ – I haven’t read that post yet but I noticed the first line); he told me yesterday that people who can’t spell definitely should actually be put down. Or maybe that was some other disadvantaged group of individuals, I’m not sure. In any case, he is a nasty piece of work, just so you know.
    (This does not mean that I don’t agree with him, however, on this issue. Not the putting down bit though.)

  2. Comment 2:

    Look le Welsh, you mustn’t say things like that; people will start to get the right idea about me…

  3. Ooh, I like “le Welsh”. It makes me sound like I am a whole people on my own!

  4. Le Welsh is french cheese on toast with ham.

    I think this is better than being a whole country, especially if that country is Wales!

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