I hate the word “blog”. I think it is ugly. I really can’t believe that whoever decides such things couldn’t think of something better.

When coming up with a new word, it is good when you can trace the roots of the word so you can shed light on what the word means. It is also good when the word is easy to pronounce from its spelling and easy to spell from its pronunciation. (On this ground I would disqualify most Gaelic words…) But it is also important that the word itself be elegant, or pretty, or somehow more than functional.

I prefer weblog to blog, but really find both sadly lacking… I think from now I will start using “tulip”. It can be used as a verb or a noun.

Right; that’s enough tulipping for today. (I have decided to go with the double p on a whim.)


13 thoughts on “"Blog"

  1. That is a bit of a girly word to use, Chris. Could you not have used something a bit more manly? Poor Juliet…

  2. Oh dear Chris, she is questionning your manliness. I suggest you post pictures of naked women and write about beer.

    I think instead of blog, we should use the word bolog. This is mainly because simply by adding the extra ‘o’ you get a word that is really amusing to say. Unfortunately the -ing form is hard to make. I have decided on a whim to put in three g’s. i.e. bologgging. What do you think?

  3. Writing about beer is good. Naked women would make me preach at you about the immorality of it all and we wouldn’t want that, would we?

    I like “bologging” though – I really feel it only needs the two ‘g’s in the middle but as you like, Juliet… x (that is for Juliet, not for Tulip.

  4. ^ I’d post pictures of naked women, but apparently I’d get a lecture about morality, and I hate lectures where every word begins with “Ll” :p

    Where IS Chris? His previous tulip has one person on who is wrong and I know he hates that.

  5. Ooh, Walesy, you are right! Perhaps he’s been too busy bologging to notice…
    I can’t really see the website you’re linked to appreciating having naked women posted on it. I hope I’m not being small-minded about this… (Chris will reply that I am)

  6. Oooh, who posted a deleted comment!?

    I think indeed I could post naked women on the site. Alas in the modern day of equal opportunities I would have to post naked men and that simply would not do. I assure you that’s the only barrier to it.

  7. I deleted a posted comment (rather than the other way round) because I had actually been TOO mean to you, Chris! See, how nice a person I am?!

  8. Thank you, although I meant the other Chris. To my knowledge you have never been mean to me like the other Chris has…

  9. I feel I have inspired some debate here. Unfortunately it all seems to be about how girly/nasty (delete as appropriate) I am.


  10. By the way, you mustn’t delete things because they are too harsh! Make them harsher; harsher = funnier.

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