Women should be obscene and not heard

I like beer. Beer is better than a woman because a beer never gets jealous and sulks when you have another beer straight away.

Football is also good.

And naked women are best of all. Not all women though, some of them are dreadful. Only the attractive ones.

I hope this proves my manliness. I would fart, but you can’t do that on a tulip. (Disturbing image…)


12 thoughts on “Women should be obscene and not heard

  1. Have we established yet whether it was your masculinity or mine in question, Chris?

  2. Mmmm, if you want us to question yours as well, we can do Walesy (which is clearly your real name, although there is a lot of Wales here!

    Chris, bless you, you tried the manliness but it just doesn’t work for you!

  3. You don’t like football though, do you?! You can’t FIB your way into being manly…!
    Also, I didn’t even understand your post.
    Walesy, it was Chris’s manliness we were on about but I am a right cow this week so if you want me to insult you too that could be arranged. In Welsh if that would make it less painful.

  4. Chris, I’ve tagged you to do a me me thing on my blog (both Chrisses if you like. Ooh, is that pluralisation allowed?!)

  5. It is Chrises. (I have made this up.)

    Which can be pronounced crises if you would like to be amusing.

    Welshy, why are you a cow?

    Do you know that your name is “cow” on predictive text? Not to ruin your anonymity or anything, “Welshy”.

    Mwa ha.

    And football is ok. Although I prefer ballet.

  6. Amy! It’s Amy!

    I’m actually pleased I worked that out so fast.

    Three hours is no mean feat 😀

  7. Walesy, do you mean “Welshy’s really called Amy!” or “Welshy IS Amy!” (with recognition of who I am and that you’ve met me…?) No worries if it is just the first – in which case ‘well done’ for the predictive text deciphering, but I remembered who you were so I shall try not to be TOO upset at being so insignificant as to be forgotten…
    Chris (t’other): thanks, anonymity ruined. Nothing for it but to don a wig and fake moustache now…

  8. What on earth?! Why are you comment enabling?! Surely I’m not THAT much of a cow?!!!!!

    PS Word verification for this is “farps” – surely you could do that on a tulip?!

  9. Word verfication: mqqaff! A sound effect, perhaps?!

    Sorry, I was trying to alter Walesy’s (not to be confused with Welshy’s) comment so he didn’t ruin your secret identity, but then tulipper crashed, so I had to leave it. What a mess.

    Let’s hope Batman, etc, never had friends like you, Walesy!

  10. Well, rather like John Prescott’s multitudinous affairs, it seemed something of an open secret!

    And yes Welshy, it was in complete recogition of the fact that I have met you and indeed have not forgotten you. It just had not dawned on me that you were Welsh.

  11. I do not have an accent, Chris! You have only heard it a very small number of times, usually when I have been annoyed. Actually, I am annoyed a lot, so maybe it appears more often than I think… How upsetting.

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