I am looking for jobs in an Internet café on the other side of the Channel.

I have encountered a small problem.

Or should I say: “I hqve encountered q s,qll proble,;”

The evil French, not content to speak the wrong language, have re-invented the computer keyboard. Several key letters have moved from their usual places, the apostrophe is almost impossible to find, and it does quirky random things too. For example, if you type “^” followed by “o” you get “ô”, which is quite snazzy.

One bonus is that there is a key for é, which makes writing café much easier.

Anyway (“Qnyzqy”; brilliant…), it is very uncivilised. Much like the parking, sewer system, etc!

Coming soon: why I like France, to be written when I am safely ensconced in Angleterre once more!


6 thoughts on “AZERTY

  1. This is a joke, right?

    You use the internet to search for jobs.

    Honestly, Welshy, I worry about you.

  2. Of course it was a joke! However, you did not say you were searching the internet; you said you were “looking for jobs in an internet cafe”. You could have meant that you wanted to serve coffee to people and refill the printer paper for all we know!

  3. Are you coming to the End Of Tetley Party, Chris?

    (and whilst you are in France, are you officially now Christophe? I realise you can type the accent with much greater rapidity than I, owing to you amazing mutilated keyboard).

  4. “End of Tetley”?! Really?! I worked there (sort of) and played in garden parties… surely I could come too?!

  5. I’m not sure I’m invited…

    And where is the accent on Christophe?

    Yes I thought it would be a joke, le Welsh, but I realise this didn’t come across terribly well. I blame it on the stupid keyboard.

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