Hayfever blues

Don’t you hate it when you get a really blocked up nose, and all the snot inside your nose goes all hard and sharp, like little nails?

Then you blow your nose and all the pieces of your own mucous lacerate the insides of your nose causing you to hop around in pain, and generally make a spectacle of yourself…

Just a thought.

Related thought: is there any way of picking your nose in public and not appearing disgusting?


2 thoughts on “Hayfever blues

  1. Sadly I find myself agreeing with you on this and thinking “yes, WHY does that happen? It’s so nasty!” No idea about the nose-picking though, except that due to having to wear this silly uniform I’m DEFINITELY not allowed to pick in public, no matter how uncomfortable the situation becomes. Some of my patients publicly pick though, and it’s grim, so my advice is to avoid at all costs!

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