Monopoly blues

Rebecca beat me by £14,116 to £0 the other day.

It was quite a close game.

I blame it being in French. I’m sure there isn’t a Community Chest card that fines you 1000 Euros.


5 thoughts on “Monopoly blues

  1. Sounds like the results of an aging, rampant socialist scheme to me! Did by any chance the cards “Your bouef has been refused by the French government. Continue paying 1000 euros per turn to the EU” turn up? :p

  2. I’m really upset by how long it takes my browser to update – did you really post this on Monday?!

  3. Very good Walesy, I will suggest they put that in the next version.

    Juliet, cheating does not make you a better person.

    Welshy, you are very slow! How could I not post it on Monday?

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