But what if I want to spend my money in the evening? Do I have to go to a pub?

I hate the fact that shops shut at 5 pm. It is inconvenient, especially because in the summer it still feels like the middle of the day.

Recently, Debenhams, the last bastion of post 5 pm closing times in Derby, stopped opening until 7 pm. The reason, I assume, being that no-one wants to buy things in the evening.

It makes sense that companies will monitor when they are selling things, and if no-one is buying anything then they will not open. As a result from now on I am only buying things in the last half hour of opening. That way they will see there is a demand.

Obviously if it is just me, then it won’t have any impact. So pass the advice on to your friends.



15 thoughts on “But what if I want to spend my money in the evening? Do I have to go to a pub?

  1. That’s such a good idea (a compliment – did you like?). I went to the optician’s yesterday to try and book an appointment for a contact lens review today (Friday, obviously). I was told that the “contact lens clinic” now runs on a Saturday morning because it suits Mon-Fri 9-5ers better. Well, I’m NOT a Mon-Fri 9-5er. So what about me? I think I perplexed the lady and she gave me a Friday appointment after all. Result! We should definitely go with your last-half-hour idea!

  2. My personal favourite are banks, who are only ever open Mon-Fri 9-5 (if that), so you’re at work. Except, of course, when you have a day off for a Bank Holiday, in which case they’re closed (obviously).

    So, in order to actually visit the bank, you need to take a day off work, which feels like a really good use for one of those precious days of annual leave.

    Fortunately, they do seem to be getting better – some of the big branches in big cities now have some limited opening on Saturdays. And there’s always the internet.

  3. Hello Stephen!

    When I lived in Wales I was shocked to learn the local bank opened 12-3 Mon-Fri.

    Then I went at 2 o’clock on Wednesday and it was shut.

    On closer inspection it was open 12-3 Mon and Fri.

    Ah, Wales.

  4. [If your blog would allow me to post] I would like to point out that you are merely jealous of the relaxing lifestyle led by Welsh people…
    Unfortunately, having had to wait four days to post this comment it has lost the witty element it (may have) once had.

    PS the word verification the first time I tried to comment was “bwyyys”, proving that Wales has got it right in so many areas, especially its language. Blogger thought that was a made up word but no, we would really use it!

  5. I do like the laid-back lifestyle in Wales. I do not like the accent. It is really embarassing when you are interviewing somebody on stage (something we of course all do at least once a day) and just CANNOT understand their name. There’s no need to use that many consonants people, vowels are good!

  6. Vowels are good! That’s why we Welsh have SEVEN and you English only have FIVE but you never seem to be able to understand this! Our vowels (to make Chris’s blog educational) are a, e, i, o, u, w, and y. You pronounce them something like:
    ah, eh, ee, or, ee(yes, there are two!) oo, ur.

  7. Ah yes, there is a nice Welsh beer called Cwrw haf which I always used to ask for by pointing.

    Suddenly all becomes clear.

  8. i remember turning up at tesco extra [supposedly a 24 hr store] and it turned out that they were closing at 4pm, which gave me all of 10 mins to do my shopping… christ, it was like supermarket sweep on pills…

    still… managed to keep it down to 25 quid tho, so i suppose that was one bonus… plus it was really good fun too…

    a weekly event perhaps? hmmmmm…

  9. Yes, hi Rob!

    Not sure you deserve nine exclamation marks, but Amy has always been a bit excitable, bless her.

    Your shopping trip sounds fun. I imagine you doing it that way every week!

    PS Well done Rebecca, in English “y” is indeed not a vowel. Ever.

    PPS Word verification: uwecpgu. Zulu for a small antelope.

  10. Anonymity shot to pieces once again! Cheers!
    (slightly less excitable today, see?)
    Who has claimed that y is an English vowel? I don’t understand…

  11. Oh yes… Sorry le Welsh.

    Some people (idiots) say things like “Well, of course, in the word sky, the letter y acts as a vowel” acting under the mistaken belief that all words have to have a vowel in.

    Hope that clears it up! Ha ha.

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