So, in a slavish attempt to follow fashion I have (a) moved, and (b) tidied up. I have converted to the now legendary “3 column layout”. Please feel free to comment, but I can’t guarantee that I will even acknowledge any criticism, let alone act on it. (So no change there then.)

One addition is the links to other tulips. I am kind of hoping this will bring silent readers into the open to comment, so I will link to them. Of course, this presupposes (a) that I have any silent readers (it’s so hard to tell when they don’t comment!) and (b) that they will care.

Oh well. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “Makeover

  1. I am your better half aren’t I! Am upset by everything you wrote about me, but at least i have my own special little box

    Now get on with job hunting mister!

  2. I am going to construct you a special box to live in when we are together as well.

  3. Feel free to link to my blog. I have only not shared my profile because I can’t be bothered filling it in!

  4. I like Juliet’s box very much – she deserves it and is most definately your better half I think.
    Also I feel very proud to be the first link (apart from your better half of course) and am actually quite jealous of the way you’ve done that… very good.

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