Make mine a… well anything but the milk

Canadian Jess Dobkin has set up the world’s first breast milk bar. Discerning customers can sample the milk of six mothers – the idea being that, like wine, each person’s (region’s?!) tastes different.

I find the idea of this very unpleasant.

Oh, and it is pasteurised, in case you were worried.


11 thoughts on “Make mine a… well anything but the milk

  1. Mmm, the old song from an advert that goes “tasty tasty very very tasty, they’re very tasty, they’re very tasty” springs to mind, lol! Can’t say I would be rushing over to that joint any time in the near or distant future!

    Hi by the way, we’re mutual friends of Miss Welshy!

  2. Chris! I don’t understand why you have switched tulips. I liked the old tulip!

  3. What a strange story. I find myself surprised that there is sufficient demand for this to demand a whole bar. I further find myself wondering how the owner manages to ensure a sufficient supply to meet whatever demand there is. What do job adverts for that place look like? And do patrons meet the donors?

  4. Hello Molly!

    Yes I know, you were her sitter when she was on holiday. As I said at the time, much more talented!

    Juliet: yes dear!

    Walesy: a change is as good as a rest, or, as Rebecca is so fond of pointing out, actually better than a rest. (But then she isn’t nearly as fond of resting as me!) I fancied going for the retro look!

    Stephen, I believe you only get a small glass of each so there shouldn’t be any running out… It is more of a sipping establishment, not pints.

    I should probably point out that this ridiculous woman is a performance artist (read: state-subsidised unemployed) not a businesswoman. Which spoils it a bit, but hey.

    She is also a lesbian mother of one, for those who like irrelevant facts!

  5. Now come on Chris, you can’t go upsetting Welshy by saying I was more talented when I was her sitter! But thank you!!!!!

  6. I was just trying to draw a comment on the whole sordid milk story really!

    Anyway, everyone knows the men in Welshy’s life exist to wind her up: me, Tart, person who did the driving test, etc!

  7. You left my Dad out of that list, and both my older brothers! And you put yourself first! I can assure you that even at your worst the Tart would win!

  8. I can assure you it wasn’t a list in any particular order – now I have seen the Tart in action I bow down to his superiority!

    You haven’t actually commented on the milk issue, I notice!

  9. That is because it is vile and I can’t bring myself to comment! (See how long it has taken me to comment that I’m not commenting?!

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