So many chinese people

62,900,000 people in China watched the England-Ecuador game on Sunday.

This is more than the combined populations of England and Ecuador.

I just found this interesting.


7 thoughts on “So many chinese people

  1. I didn’t watch the England game and I’m not Chinese either! Can’t stand football or soccer as they make you call it over here!! Stupid yanks.

    By the way, Dixie and Daisy say hi and I guess you shouldn’t have been checking blogs at work!!

  2. Dixie and Daisy say hi?!

    They can talk?

    Now that is impressive!

    What do they talk about? Is it just chit chat or can they talk politics too? What do they think of Ann Coulter?

    Do they have a blog?

  3. They talk nothing BUT politics and they don’t particularly like Ann Coulter, but who really does?!! They don’t have a blog yet but now you have put the thought in my head, I might just have to start one. Do you think they would be the first breasts to have their own blog?

    You should send your other half over to my blog so she doesn’t get concerned by these comments!!!

  4. Well I didn’t get it at all at first so it just washed over me, but now I understand and will be over to find out what mine are called shortly!

  5. Phew, that is a relief, didn’t want to start anything there!! Please do tell Juliet what your names are when you have done the test!

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