Never happy

So… I thought I would go for a kind of compromise between the two styles.

The old tulip was tidy but a little dull. I have been struggling to make things a bit more exciting for several hours now… Really I should learn HTML.


7 thoughts on “Never happy

  1. Welshy can be very helpful in these areas I have found, she really is a bit of a smart wench!

  2. Heh… wench.

    HTML is dead easy. However, it’s not quite easy enough for me to summarise it here in 50 words, so I’ll leave it to you to Google for it if you’re so inclined.

  3. Ahem, wench?! You probably need to see the pictures of me as a wench actually…

  4. You are right Wenchy, we probably do. You had best post them nice and quick.

    I am assuming you do mean there are pictures already in existence of you as some kind of serving wench, and that you aren’t simply suggesting that we would like to see such a thing in theory?

    Stephen: Ah, Google!

  5. I meant it in the nicest possible way! My dad always calls me a wench, I thought I would pass it on! But yes, I think it would be amusing to see photos of Wenchy, I mean Welshy as a serving wench!

  6. Wenchly evidence now features in my flickr collection – you can either refresh the page til it appears of visit the whole collection by clicking on one of the pictures. If you choose the former, you’ll have to work out for yourselves which picture I mean!

  7. Under protest I have switched the colours around so that the predominant themes are blue and green and not pink.

    Le Welsh, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Not for forcing me to change, but for referring to the offending colour as “salmon”.

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