Go America!

There has been a bit of controversy recently, as some people have been getting upset at the assertion that Americans are all morons. I feel I should point out (again) that I have never made this assertion myself (well at least, not in print) and I thought that it would be nice to celebrate some of the great things about the good old US of A.

Please note that as Yank has been causing offence, I have abbreviated “American” to “Can”. The fact that this means “arse” in American English is purely coincidental.

1. Inventions.
I commented elsewhere that Americans invented pizza. I can’t find out if this is true or not; the origins of these things seem shrouded in mystery! Similarly for the hamburger. So let’s give them the benefit of the doubt, and say well done for inventing these kings of the food world (or at the very least transforming them into what we know today).

There are more too! Electric light, the typewriter, the list goes on! We probably wouldn’t have Teflon on our pans if it wasn’t for the Cans landing on the moon!

2. Animal Welfare
The way they treat animals in the US is second to none. Why they can even ascend to the highest office!

3. Soup
The sheer variety of soup they have beggars belief. Here we have maybe a handful of varieties. Here are a list of some of the soups you can get your hands on over the pond:

Bean and Bacon
Bacon and Split Pea
Black Bean
Mexican Lentil
Cream of Mushrooms and Roasted Garlic
Cream of Wild Mushroom
Golden Mushroom
New England Clam Chowder
Manhatten Clam Chowder
Cream of Shrimp
Cream of Onion
French Onion
Green Pea
Chicken Noodle – 4 types (straight noodle, star shaped, hoops, alphabet)
Chicken Wonton
Cheddar Cheese
Fiesta Nacho Cheese
Broccoli and Cheese
Creamy Ranch Tomato
Old Fashioned Tomato and Rice
Tomato Bisque
Southwest Style Pepper Jack
Vegetable Soup With Beef Stock
Vegetable Soup with Vegetable Stock

These are all Campbells if anyone is interested, but I am sure there are others out there. I would say this factor alone is pushing me to emigrate very soon. After all, we have electric light, typewriters and Teflon over here now anyway.

4. No snobbery
America lacks prejudice when it comes to the class system, which is still very prevalent in the UK. Occupations that involve selling things or having the whiff of “trade” about them are still looked down on to a certain extent here, whereas America has done away with this. Of course, they have their own prejudices, but this is in some ways unavoidable. I like the fact that in America it is not who you are born but who you become. I don’t like people who are obsessed with money either, but this is by no means exclusive to America. Just to pre-empt any heckling!

So let’s all hold hands and be happy and friendly!


23 thoughts on “Go America!

  1. I have something very long to say and it may bore the pants of you but I’m saying it anyway. I looked this up:

    Word History: The origin of Yankee has been the subject of much debate, but the most likely source is the Dutch name Janke, meaning “little Jan” or “little John,” a nickname that dates back to the 1680s. Perhaps because it was used as the name of pirates, the name Yankee came to be used as a term of contempt. It was used this way in the 1750s by General James Wolfe, the British general who secured British domination of North America by defeating the French at Quebec. The name may have been applied to New Englanders as an extension of an original use referring to Dutch settlers living along the Hudson River. Whatever the reason, Yankee is first recorded in 1765 as a name for an inhabitant of New England. The first recorded use of the term by the British to refer to Americans in general appears in the 1780s, in a letter by Lord Horatio Nelson, no less. Around the same time it began to be abbreviated to Yank. During the American Revolution, American soldiers adopted this term of derision as a term of national pride. The derisive use nonetheless remained alive and even intensified in the South during the Civil War, when it referred not to all Americans but to those loyal to the Union.

    Please note that “American soldiers adopted this term of derision as a term of national pride”.

    I would like to clarify that I have never used the term “Yanks” with the intention of causing distress, it is just something we have always done and yes, we get called names too like “Pom” and “Limey”. All conversations have definitely been said in a light hearted manner and I would never refer to Americans as morons, especially as my own son is an American. That would make me a bit of a moron to do such a thing. However, just as there are stupid people all over the world, I have met some stupid Americans who have made stupid comments to me, but I don’t believe that this is typical of all Americans.


  2. If Yankee is derogatory, what would you replace it with when singing I’m A Yankee Doodle Dandee?

  3. I love America now! It was the soup that did it; before I thought it was a country of fat, humourless, mental warmongerers but now see the error of my ways.


    P.S. I’m a Can Doodle Dandee just doesn’t sound right, does it?

    P.P.S. “I like the fact that in America it is not who you are born but who you become”. Yeah, George and Barbara Bush must be real surprised where their son ended up.

  4. Being that Yankee is officially derogatory, we must inform the New York Yankees at once to change their name (do they know they have been offending people for such a long time?) and we must also let the publishers of Yankee Magazine (publication about New England) know so that they too can change it to something less offensive.

    Chris, get on it please….

  5. When people from other countries take a word and use it to demean a group of people (whether you think it fun or not) the word becomes a derogatory statement. The word “yankee” has been taken for just that reason by multiple countries since the start of the Iraq war. By further using that word, even if you think it is fun, to bash the culture you are only carrying on the statements derogatory value.

    I can’t believe I have to explain that…common sense would tell you what I have just written.

  6. Wow, is all I can say. I find it extremely interesting that when others say something it is amusing, however any time I comment I am attacked, therefore I am no longer going to comment or blog due to feeling that I cannot be myself. So long, farewell, ta-ta!

  7. Whoa, Chris. Your tulip is better than Eastenders! A true soap opera in its own right!

    In fact, I christen this tulip “Perfyration Street”.

  8. Well would you look at that! Walesy, where on earth did you disappear off to after sparking this whole debacle off in the first place?! And then you reappear to blame it all on Chris. Nice one! You are right: very soap-esque! Who needs Hollyoaks? (actually, that’s a very genuine question…)

  9. Molly,
    I have never found the use of “yank” amusing…now, Chris’s list of soups is another story!

    BTW – who is attacking you? Stating fact is not an attack.

  10. Rebecca,

    I know this may come as a shock but you do not actually have a monopoly on the truth and what is RIGHT. If you find the term ‘yank’ offensive that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone does. I don’t know where you get the confidence to state your OPINIONS as being FACT?


    P.S Come back Molly; we love you!
    P.P.S My word verification had ‘fab’ in the middle; I am taking this as evidence that I am RIGHT!

  11. When people from other countries take a word and use it to demean a group of people (whether you think it fun or not) the word becomes a derogatory statement.


    Maybe you should look up the definition of opinion.

  12. What is this? Molly leaves the argument so Pomgirl takes over? Geez. Opinions are like assholes EVERYONE has them. Opinions are truth to the person who has them.
    Get a grip!

  13. “Opinions are like assholes EVERYONE has them”

    TK – I have only ever heard my Dad say that…too funny!

  14. I looked up the definition of opinion like suggested:

    “A belief or conclusion held with confidence but not substantiated by positive knowledge or proof”.

    Very illuminating.


  15. Good grief all of us!!! Okay, let us have a blog truce, all of us hold hands, love one another and sing Kumbaya please!! Nicely!!

  16. (Quick aside: Walesy, steady! No-one knows my surname on the internet, let’s keep it that way!)


    I can’t quite work out why everyone is getting so worked up about this. I mean hardly anyone cared about whether salmon was a colour or not… Get a sense of proportion!

    For me the one thing that stands out in this little fracas is that, whatever the interpretation, Molly really didn’t mean to cause any offense to anyone. And between friends that is where it should stop.

    You and Molly are friends right, Rebecca? I always got that impression. I think the thing that confuses me most about this is why you aren’t just saying “ok right, some people use ‘yank’ to mean ‘retarded’ so if you could not use it please?”

    I know I’m being simplistic, and I have no idea how Molly would have responded, but… I don’t know. You ask who is attacking Molly. I refer you to the following quote:

    I wasn’t offended by this pastime, I was appalled at the way in which certain people I know took to it. Christianity clearly leads us on a better path than that.

    I don’t know… am I being naive? I thought this was quite thinly veiled myself. I’m more of an “inspect the beam in thine own eye” person myself.

    Anyway, there is my two penn’orth if anyone cares (and they should, because it’s my tulip).

    What I am really interested in is this:

    Opinions are like assholes EVERYONE has them.

    So, come clean Teri. How many arses do you have?

  17. Sorry, you are right of course, it’s just that I started writing this before you posted.

    I have tried to do as much as possible to move this down the list.

    I will break out my sandals.

  18. “I wasn’t offended by this pastime, I was appalled at the way in which certain people I know took to it. Christianity clearly leads us on a better path than that.”

    Still not an attack…now, for Pomgirl – this is an opinion.


  19. Your tulip is playing up today. Did you change me back? Why? Stuff seems to be missing and I’m confused

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