Here is a question. Which is a more offensive word: lol or fuck?

Fuck is pretty bad as swearwords go. I wouldn’t say it in front of my mother, for example.

But lol is far, far worse; I have watched people type lol and not even crack a smile. And speaking of cracks, lmao is even worse. Has the internet made people forget how to laugh? When I see lol it makes me think of someone sitting in a (brown) chair, with their head looking like it is too heavy for their neck, dribbling onto their cardigan.

And as if typing it isn’t bad enough, I imagine people will start saying “lol” soon. But they probably won’t be laughing out loud as they do, so they will be liars.

I really can’t emphasise how much I think people who use lol have lost use of their higher brain function.

Other opinions welcome; I am reconciled to the fact that I am alone on this one.


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  1. (First things first) What is IMAO?
    Right, are you comparing f*ck and lol because people aren’t ‘lol’ing as they say it, just as generally people aren’t f*cking as they say f*ck? It is early in the morning and as we all know I am one whose higher brain function has never really existed…

  2. Oops. Apparently I have misunderstood and managed to lower the tone of the whole discussion. I hope I haven’t offended anyone…

  3. Actually, I rather liked that interpretation!

    *sigh* It’s a sign of being on the Internet too often. I have indeed caught myself a few times about to say “LOL” in real life…

  4. So it made sense? Because I was worried that I was the only person who might think along those lines but now that I know Walesy is there with me I am reassured…

  5. i like fuck because it has so many usages, just like l’esprit.

    there’s a commericial over here in which two apparent high school kids are walkie talky-ing back and forth to each other. but they say such statements as, “i am so LOL.” i know it doesn’t make any sense; if they are walking talky-ing why do they have to abbreviate because they could just laugh.

    where am i going with this…i don’t know…[internal dialogue: wrap it up amy] i like fuck as a word better than lol, which seems shallow and void of meaning.

  6. I agree, ab – “lol” has soft consonants only. A strong word was never formed out of soft consonants.
    I don’t really like f*ck though. I think it’s because you see those fcuk t shirts everywhere and end up reading whatever theydon’t really say on them before you realise you’ve done it. And in general I don’t like words that end in ‘ck: chuck, kick, pick… urgh! Horrid words.
    I think I think too much. What is wrong with me?

  7. Because I was worried that I was the only person who might think along those lines but now that I know Walesy is there with me I am reassured…

    Ha ha! Have you ever met Walesy?!

    Lmao stands for “laughing my arse off” which is patently ridiculous. I will start using afobibyeyom in reply. (Or “Arse firmly on but irritated by your eight year old mannerisms”.)

    Good point Ab. Fuck is an extremely versatile word. I don’t want to rehash the email that everyone has probably received about a million times, but it really can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, exclamation. Pretty much anything.

    Also it feels really good to shout it when you stub your toe.

    Aside: Why is that?! I am going to post about that now!

  8. Of course I’ve met Walesy! Are you losing your long-term memory? I met him the same way I met you (that sounds a bit dodgy and secretive… erm.. I met him through the same person I met you! Lots better. Hurrah for me.)

  9. Of course! I remember Welshy well. I might point out that my support means much! As opposed to the Prime Minister, whose ministers know that the minute they have “his unswerving support” is the same minute they’re about to lose their jobs.

  10. Ha, good point Walesy.

    May I ask why f*ck is in any way better/nicer/whatever than fuck?

    In the good old days you weren’t allowed to swear on telly. So programmes had to invent words to replace fuck. In turn these then entered the language. So Porridge gave us naff, Red Dwarf gave us smeg, and finally Father Ted gave us feck, sadly ending the era. I mean come on censors!

    What the feck were you thinking?

  11. Or as those smart enough to have watched the new Battlestar Galactica will know, the truth it it’s frakking unfair. What the frak is going on with today’s frakking society?

  12. One author I read alot tends to use ‘frigging’ instead. I must admit I still always smile slightly whenever I see something, like a fridge made by ‘smeg’. I’m quite childish, I know 🙂

    Oh, and I avoid ‘lol’ and ‘lmao’ and generally just stick with smilies, I feel they convey what I’m thinking better and I’m usually smiling or grinning when I write them.

    Hi, by the way. *waves* I know Welshy 🙂

  13. A teacher at school told me that swear words started off as blasphemy, and that any word you then used to replace God or Jesus in your blasphemous phrase were swear words. So replacing them is actually a little pointless…

    I have a lesson plan based on the different swear words and their versatile uses. How cool am I?

    In French there are fewer, less versatile swear words than in English. Lots are connected with prostitutes and the like. The main verbs are foutre and chier, and foutre has a less offensive friend- ficher. As in je m’en fiche/ Je m’en fous (sorry not sure if that second verb is conjugated correctly- I have never written it before!) which mean I don’t care, or I suppose I don’t give a fuck (but really not as rude)

    Chier is a great verb because it means to shit. So my favourite of the many expressions it’s used in is- ca me fait chier- that makes me shit!

    What a great language!

  14. Frigging is a great word. I never knew that was also a fuck substitute. Better than fugging, which always makes me laugh (mockingly). Hello Ellie, by the way (btw, arg!).

    Juliet, hello dear. Long time no see! Well in blog terms obviously; I saw you about four hours ago in real life.

    French is good for swearing, it always sounds so poetic.

    You may be right about the whole blasphemy thing – like Cor Blimey!

    Rob, let me guess, Rolling on the floor laughing my arse off? Well, at least the arse has less far to fall.

    ROTFLMAO me fait chier! (Cheers, Jules.)

  15. PPS Ellie, have just had a quick gander at your favourite books. Could it possibly be Jane Austen you are referring to?

    “Oh for frig’s sake, just marry him for his big house, Elizabeth!”

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