Recycle old phone books instead of throwing them away. Simply cross out all the people you don’t know, and you have a stylish personal address book.


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  1. I never get phone books any more, I have had a couple yellow pages, but the problem is they are all people I dont know so then I end up with a book that looks like an MI5 eyes only document – not that I have ever seen one of these documents but I watch the tele I know what they look like.

  2. oh yeah sorry Rob (Leeds) told me about your blog its Jason his PA (God thats depressing that I am known by my profession/part time job rather than my reputation).

  3. I’ll be honest, J…

    You are known for your reputation.

    [would insert picture of J holding sheep here, but don’t own a copy, sadly]

  4. i live in a high rise so i see stacks fo phone books everywhere. but they are stacked close to the recycling bin, so with any hope…

  5. Ooh, J! Hello! I’m Rob’s other Welsh (former) PA (the girl one) and I too was still known for the profession before blogging… But I JUST told someone about the sheep-holding thing yesterday (in an attempt to show how great the Welsh are at just laughing off the English’s attempt at humour!). Spooky!

  6. (BEWARE BITTERNESS WITHIN) I would say that the photo in question is some horrible act of retribution, made by rob in photo shop (So in other words fake) and in fact the original picture was much less seedy. In the original I was helping rob, where as in this slanderous image that Chris mentions I was not helping anything.

    Let alone my reputation.

    Its OK though Rob will get his comeuppance!



  7. I am interested in how Rob will get his comeuppance.

    More details on that please.

  8. Ah well you called me on that one didn’t you.

    Now I have to think of something that while it doesn’t get me fired allows me a certain degree of satisfaction.


    Damn you Chris now I look like an unprepared schoolboy “sorry sir the dog ate my comeuppance”

  9. The “original” was actually a video, was it not J? And it looked pretty bad to me…
    (Sorry. Love the “sorry, sir, the dog ate my comeuppance” though – quality!)
    Rob wouldn’t fire you anyway, surely? He would just laugh…?

  10. I will NOT tolerate this!

    I have been reading this “blog” for about 1 day, in fact I had heard good things about it, some had described it even as “witty” (which I admit, it is) However from one little comment people who don’t even know me that well now think I am a “Velcro trouser wearing, sheep chasing, animal fornicating, Welshman”.

    None of which is true apart from the fact I am a Welshman. OK so one little teeny weeny part is true, but the rest Lies, outright lies.

    Oh why do I bother….

    P.S there is NO VIDEO, I REPEAT NO VIDEO. Any further talk of the non-existent video is lies, all lies I tell you.

    P.P.S I am shaking my fist at you “welshy” I thought we were in this together with our mutual heritage?

  11. ^ I’m still waiting for the “Ah did naht have sexual rahlations with thaht sheep”, as well as “Ah did naht inhale/swallow”.

  12. We are, J – in fact I am delighted about your presence on this here blog! If you say there was never a video then I believe and fully support you. In fact, after thinking about it I expect the video was one of those English PA’s having a pop at our far superior heritage, no? Further, I would not be at all surprised if our friend Chris wasn’t involved in the set up in the first place to slur your good name and reputation! It’s all beginning to make sense…
    (See, I have not only a) avoided a blogspat involving ME, but have b) deflected it towards someone else. I am fab.)

    PS Walesy, did you have to?! That is worse than my misunderstanding with the swearing thing…

  13. That was ever so nicely done Welshy!

    I don’t know what a Blogspat is but I imagine that Chris Wales could make it sound ever so rude

    And as for you Walsey, you’re a very mean young man and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Also I thought I should share this with the group: I know that inhale sounds like a funny thing to do with a fluid, but please don’t, you will get a nasty chest infection and be poorly.
    Disclaimer: I know this not from personal experience but from knowledge gained working in hospitals as a nurse.

    Side note/blatant self plug: if any of you would like to sponsor me on a 200 mile bike ride from London to Cardiff in August please got to: and click on sponsor me.

  14. Did someone mention a picture?

    Hmmmmm… I wonder where I might link my name to this time? feel free to have a click…


  15. ok, if we’re being mean to J there was DEFINITELY a video! I don’t dream up stuff like that. Really.

    *Ready for blogspat*

  16. Look, le Welsh, don’t be a carrot!

    Stop stirring; we all know where such things can end up. We have obviously touched a nerve here for poor, sensitive J.

    That said, I don’t know how anyone could doubt the legitimacy of the photo. I should point out that I recognise the big hill with the single tree – it is on the A660, just past the Three Horseshoes!

    Proof indeed.

    J, shame on you. Look at the expression on the poor sheep. You can almost hear it saying “pwyllwch!”

    Rob, you are a legend. Congratulations on doubling your punishment! How does sleeping in a chair for a week sound?

  17. Why am I being a carrot?! It needed saying! There WAS a video, wasn’t there… please tell me there was as I’ve just made an enemy of J and I’m not sure I can dig out of this one. I was kind of banking on everyone else’s support…

  18. unfortunately there wasn’t a video, I think the picture was bad enough…

    I really should have done a degree in pissing around with photoshop… spent far too much time on that!

  19. “The legitimacy of the photo”?!?!?

    This statement needs correcting,

    Firstly it is not a photo it is a collage.

    collage: noun, a form of art in which various materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric are arranged and stuck to a backing.
    • a composition made in this way.
    • a combination or collection of various things.

    This is a collage composed of a photograph and a piece of clipart

    Secondly legitimacy (oh how I chuckled)

    legitimate adjective conforming to the law or to rules : his claims to legitimate authority. See note at genuine

    genuine adjective truly what something is said to be; authentic : each book is bound in genuine leather.

    This is neither legitimate or genuine, as unless I am severely mistaken I have never been capable of shagging anything that is 2D, nor have I the talents of Bob Hoskins who can enter the world of cartoons at a whim

    I think we need a new topic if I am honest wasn’t this one about recycling phone books, as opposed to recycling old jokes that abuse a minority. Which I hope you know counts as racism!

    Rob we now have issues!

    P.S. Cheers welshy for the sponsorship
    P.P.S Less Cheers welshy for being a turncoat in a welshman’s hour of need. WWJS?

  20. Genuine: (adjective) truly what something is said to be.

    Wise words, Mr J.

    I should point out that as we are all saying that it is you indulging in a bit of tupping with a white ewe (prize for whoever spots the Shakespeare reference) then by your definition it is genuine.

    However, as I don’t want to scare you off (as you point out, you are new here), I will admit it is a fake. That Welshy is probably the culprit; she is a right dodgy one.

    What does WWJS mean? Please tell me it doesn’t stand for “What would Jesus say?” – she will not like that!

  21. No its what would Joan Say… OBVIOUSLY.

    Joan is a famous hero in welsh folk law, who came and helped the Welsh in their struggle against the English Tyrants. Like Jesus, but different.

    Topical, me thinks. Oh and thanks for the withdrawal I would also blame Turncoat for it as well – (shifts focus away from himself)

  22. Au contraire! She loved the WWJS for both reasons (not really sure she should but we all know what a bad Christian she is! 😉 ).
    Can I ask for your forgiveness? Although if I were you I wouldn’t give it cos I’ve already shown what an unreliable Welshy I am! Asking for forgiveness anyway… (I’ll reconcile it with Joan privately if that’s ok).I promise to be fully supportive of my fellow countryman! No photo No photo No photo No photo No photo No video No video No video No video No video No video No video No video No video… There, I definitely get it now.

  23. Hang on, though! How is it possibly my fault? HTML I can do – dodgy picture editing (especially of that nature) is not my department at all…

    Ooh, second part of word verification = ‘qui’ – who indeed is to blame?!

  24. Ok, you see I thought you would like the What would Jesus Say as I find it hilarious with my catholic upraising and regular church attendance. In fact its the jokes that don’t involve JC that I find more offensive.

    (Lets not put that to the test though shall we.)

    See Chris put the willies up me (easy now boys) by saying you might be offended. So I quickly back pedaled (A very high standard of back pedaling, mind you).

    Oh yeah forgiveness granted though I am (in true Catholic fashion) turning the other cheek just in case this onslaught does carry on…

    Show’s over people! Nothing to see here , “Blogspat” averted!

  25. It is a shame that me and Welshy spent all that time discussing famous Welsh Joans today then…

    I am sure I actually remember a Joan… She might not be from Wales though. Some folk tale!

    You confusing person.

    I will sponsor you for your Tour de Wales but don’t get paid until Wednesday, so you will have to be patient!

  26. Yeah sorry to disappoint but I unfortunately I am “all talk” when I think I might be offending people I don’t know that well.

    Cheers for the generous offer of sponsorship Chris!

    Oh and if you want to link to my blog in your little boxy thing feel free to point it at:
    (mostly videos and a little bit about my trip to Bulgaria ages ago)

  27. For about 30 seconds I assumed this was some kind of Welsh word; then I worked it out. Your middle initial is D, right?

    Don’t say generous yet. You haven’t seen what I can afford!

  28. OK, so I’m actually quite confused about whether or not I need to be offended now…
    I don’t get offended easily so someone might need to clarify the situation (I am not very clever. Here’s proof – ENT sounds way too complicated for my little brain – give me orthopaedics any day!)

  29. It’s easy – they are big talking trees.

    My advice is not to be offended – it is a more chilled out way to be.

  30. Nah it mostly involves sitting round drinking coffee and eating toast.

    As a result rather than Ear nose and throat, I prefer to think of it as Eat Nice Toast. That way it is easier to get up in the morning!

  31. Oh yeah that ylawayjdp thing… I decided I needed an anonymous Internet name years ago when I was about 14 (how wise I was), and thought of whileaway, as that was what I was doing with my time (whileing it away). However this idea was not innovative enough as someone else had already taken that yahoo mail account. So I went down the route of changing everything to letter sounds and so created Y-L-away J-D-D. Something that I continually regret now as no one ever thinks that it was quite as clever as I first imagined it to be.

    However I do now have matching Internet stuff which while sad is easy to remember.

    But imagine the fun of explaining to someone over the phone what your email address is oh how I enjoy that one.

  32. Eat Nice Toast. I like that. you mustn’t have a similar evil ward sister to us – we are not allowed to eat toast, except on Saturdays when she is not there and we eat loads of it and ignore patients. Great stuff.

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