Save money

Since you were all so scathing about my phone book tip, I thought I would try again; here is a way to save some cash by not buying that fancy iPod you want.

Just pick a song to hum as you walk down the street.

When you want to “change track”, just hum a different tune!

Genius! (If I do say so myself.)


5 thoughts on “Save money

  1. Nope sorry, wouldn’t work. What if I want to read something while listening to music?

    Everyone knows its impossible to read without moving your lips as the song would be spoilt by the movement of the mouth.

  2. Good point…

    I am always scared I’ll get into an accident that means I have to have my index finger amputated. I would never be able to read again.

  3. There is always hope!

    Was just going to leave my retort at that, but then I remembered the really crap/good (depending on how charitable you are feeling) artists on blue peter, when I was a sprightly young chappy. They learnt to paint with their toes and noses and stuff, so I imagine you would find a way to make amends.

  4. Yes but if you used your nose as a guide you would be way too close to the page.

  5. And if they used their toes you could rightly say the artist had put their foot in it.

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