I think it is brilliant that when a bee stings you, it always dies.

If only more things in the world worked like this.


6 thoughts on “Karma

  1. What goes around comes around, everyone gets “theirs” at some point in time. Patience dear Chris!

  2. That’s why bees will only sting you if they really feel they have to whereas wasps have at least 3 stings in them before they die so will attack you just for the sheer hell of it. I think the bees got the raw end of the deal myself.

  3. I get so angry with people running away from wasps. I used to have to be really careful, as I once reacted badly to a wasp sting. And normally the person angering the wasp is not the one who ends up getting stung


  4. Molly, I like to think that is true.

    Ellie. You are of course right, which is why bees are the perfect example of karma, and wasps are just a right old pain in the arse (figuratively I hope). They don’t even make honey like bees do… What is the point of a wasp?!

    People (let’s face it, usually boys) provoking wasps by hitting them is incredibly annoying when you are in a group, because as you (JR) point out, it is usually the innocent bystander who gets stung. Also annoying is a wasp floating around when you are eating outside, as you can never quite shake the fear that it will go in your mouth and kill you in some exotic, painful way…

    Hmph! Wasps bad!

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