While the cat’s away…

I was really, really excited about the power of tulipsitting! But now I find myself bizarrely lost for words. I think I am scared that anything I post will not live up to the eclectic, intellectual fodder put forward by Chris. However, a bash I shall give it, this tulipsitting lark. Beginning with a response to the previous post indicating that our very own Chris is a dead ringer for Johnny Depp.
Glasses? check.
Facial hair? on occasion, check.
Weird hat? not as I’ve ever seen but evidence would be welcomed, of course.
Hmmm… Juliet is a woman of taste, as we know (she likes Colin) so perhaps she saw what the rest of the world had missed. Pirates of the Caribbean 3, anyone?

PS does JD have a fetish for strange, animal-hoof-like shoes though, does anybody know?


4 thoughts on “While the cat’s away…

  1. If I say that I am madly in love with Johnny Depp, would Chris get ideas? Hmm, I have not met either, have only seen a picture of Johnny so I cannot compare. But I do love him. Johnny that is!

  2. Well, the facial hair doesn’t work for me at all…

    Chris does have a fine selection of silly hats that all put in an appearance on holiday!

  3. Don’t mention silly hats! Stephen will get jealous!

    I am very like Johnny Depp. I am glad that has been cleared up.

  4. Ooh, silly hats – that’s so cool! My friend Andy has a selection of funny hats too – every time he answers the door he wears a different one. Did you get pictures of the hats?

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