Today’s rant…

So, I’m on a roll now – I just keep thinking about Chris-worthy things to blog about. So here is the first one: carrier bags in shops.

What is it with shop assistants and not asking if you need a carrier bag?! Today, I went into town. I bought a nighty, for which I was rightly given a carrier bag because who wants to see my nighty being paraded round the street? So then, I went to buy a novel and a gift card, for which I received another bag. Ok. Then I popped into a well-know, overpriced card/gift shop to buy a biro. The shop assistant reached for a carrier bag – “oh, please no carrier bag!” said I; “are you sure?!”; “yes, I’m sure – it’s a biro!” (didn’t say that bit). Next I went to a craft shop and purchased a large amount of crafty stuff which came in its own plastic wallet and was helpfully put in a large carrier bag for me. Then I remembered I had wanted another small item, which I found, took to the desk, paid for and then had to fight off the over-zealous shop assistant from giving me another bag! He had literally just sold me the other stuff! Argh!!
Did I wrongly assume that the world had become more considerate about the wastage of stuff like plastic?!
Ooh, I feel better now for that rant!
Next up, how my housemate sings through songs on the radio she has called me into the room to listen to!



7 thoughts on “Today’s rant…

  1. It’s funny because I have people at Wal-Mart (they bag for you) put two items in one bag and then move on to the next which irritates me as I have to carry everything in to the house by myself and don’t want five thousand carrier bags thank you very much! But there are some items that they just won’t bag, even thought they will fit in a bag, and they just stand and watch me do it. THAT irritates me! Nice little rant Welshy, I enjoyed that!

  2. It’s the other way round here, they’re very big into their re-useable environmentally friendly shopping bags at the supermarkets and they always ask you if you want a carrier bag. They can take it a little far though as when I had loads of stuff and obviously no bag of my own ‘do you want a carrier bag?’ and got quite a sneer when I said yes, how else do they expect me to carry the shopping?!

  3. It is my mission to never need a carrier bag, but it does get very tiresome to always be carrying a variety of reusable bags in my handbag. But I am really impressed with how many Australians don’t use carrier bags and bring their own bags to the supermarket and I’m trying to do the same. I feel such a sense of achievement on the few times I manage it, but mostly I buy too muich and then need a bag. And when I asked for a carrier bag, I got such a look of confusion.

  4. Do you remember back in the day when old ladies would wheel their little tartan trolleys into the supermarket and forget the bag and load it up in their very own little wheelie bag? Do those still exist? I think you would look lovely with one of those Pom!

  5. They are making a big comeback. Now you can buy really cool ones in funky colours. Try googling it, they’re wicked

  6. Actually I was just annoyed because I was storing up carrier bag stories to use myself…!

    The thing that gets me most about shop attendants packing carrier bags for you is the sheer ineptitude with which they do it.

    For example, I once bought a couple of items from my local Safeway. They were a single, unboxed egg and a house brick. The way the assistant packed them was to gently place the egg in the bag, and then to repeatedly smash the house brick into it until the egg could only be identified by its dental records.

    Actually this is completely made up, but it is the way they do the packing, and yes it does irritate me. (No surprises there then.)

    Here is a second carrier bag story: Before me and the Juliet went on holiday we went to buy some stuff from some well-known outdoorsy shops. These will remain unidentified, but for sake of convenience I will refer to them as Millets and Black’s. We had bought some things (fleeces I think) in Millets and were buying an Ordnance Survey map in Black’s. We tried to put the map in the Millets bag but the shop assistant wouldn’t let us. She insisted on us having a Black’s bag too, so we could advertise their shop as we walked home.

    As we were only walking five minutes to the car this was a bit wasted, although the bag did come in handy to put used tissues in on the holiday.

    Anyway, very rant-worthy topic, Wench. Good job.

  7. Yes, I am another one who really wanted to blog about carrier bag rants! I always try to reuse them adn carry my nice canvas bag rolled up with me! Last week, I was asked 4 times by a shop assistant if I really didn’t want to put my very small item into my large canvas bag. I remained patient whilst inwardly hissing! But tescos are now doing green club points for every carrier bag we reuse. It may be a small drop in the ocean (on ours and their behalf), but at least they are making a vague attempt to get us to reuse bags!

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