Blog crushes…

…who’s your blog crush?



7 thoughts on “Blog crushes…

  1. I don’t have a crush on anyone, but I want someone to have a crush on me! I’m very needy too Welshy!

  2. Oooh, I like the idea of a blog crush, being either the crusher or crushee 😉 but there’s no one I feel crushy about. Any suggestions?

  3. You could crush on me in a non sexual kind of way? I’m open to that! Besides, maybe I have a little crush on you, your blog does amuse me dear Pom!

  4. I think I certainly go through Pom crushes – I did when you were first writing and i was re-getting-to-know you: I had a right Pom crush then!
    I want the Tart to have a blog so he can be my blog crush but I bet he would just write about planes and cricket and so he wouldn’t prove a very interesting crush. Chris could be all of our blog crush if only he updated more often; Juliet’s a good blog crush – she is always funny which I think is essential in a crush – they should make you LOL all the time!
    I have two ideas for “proper” blog crushes: i.e. funny and cute but I’m not sharing them! He he!

  5. Welshy – You must share with us! I’m sure Molly will be as hurt as I am at you keeping them all to yourself, very unsporting. But thank you for The Pom crush, and I am crushy about you both in a friendly non-sexual way. I don’t go for blondes anyway 😉



    P.S. My word verfication started with ‘ego’…oh dear…

  6. Well, Chris I suppose. Although I don’t really log in every day. He tells me when there’s interesting stuff coming up!

    By the way keep reading, there’s loads og good holiday posts coming up…

  7. Ooh, I have never been good at sharing crushes with people and blog crushes don’t feel any different, bizzarely! Maybe you could get me drunk and then I would tell you – that always seemed to work at uni!

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