Honesty… the best policy

Today, why not tell a Jehovah’s Witness what you really think?


12 thoughts on “Honesty… the best policy

  1. could have so many additional uses… trick or treater’s, double glazing salesmen, the avon lady… the list goes on…

  2. Oooh I can say it to the Mormons over here, they come around all the time, more than the JW’s. Mind you, they are such nice, young innocent looking lads, I might feel bad if I told them that. Ahh screw it, the next one that knocks on my door gets an earful!

  3. Oh yeah, and Chris: so you can be blogging at 1 am but can’t meet me for coffee at 8.30… Just tell me straight, next time will you: Welshy, you’re dull – why would anyone want to have coffee with you? That will do fine. Sniff.

  4. I would have coffee with you in a second Welshy dear. If I was in at least the same hemisphere that is, it’s a little difficult at the moment 🙂

    I might steal that sign and put it on my dorm door though Chris.

  5. Why is “my girlfirend” in speech marks. Are you saying I’m not a real girlfriend.

    Also, you claim it’s a ‘coveted position’. Surely not since you published that profile photo?

    And I’m not far away, it’s just that you are too lazy to come and visit me!

  6. I like the JoJo’s, their gimmick is that there are only 144000 places in heaven, so you’d better join up now etc etc etc.

    what they don’t say, is that to be one of the 144000, you have to be in one of the 12 tribes of isreal… so that’d be a jew then?
    and you have to be male…
    and a virgin, (I think it was virgins…not 100% on that..)
    and you have to be be-headed.

    so…they’re kinda selling their were’s under false pretenses.
    I’m kinda tempted to join, and then sue the bastards for a shed load of cash!

  7. A male, Jewish, headless virgin? I shall ask them about that when they next come round… or not.

    Word verification: ‘sgavijk’ – sounds like a pretty good way to tell someone to bugger off. I’ll try it!

  8. Male headless virgins… I bet the parties there are an absolute scream. (Pin the tail on the donkey being a favourite, but no-one can tell who’s won…)

    I have tried explaining the futility of trying to get into a heaven that is full, but they do tend to have a rehearsed answer that makes no sense, so I have to revert to the “bugger off or I will break your legs” option. So now I am cutting out the middle man.

  9. I like that Chris’s “domestic problems” are now being “vented” online fantastic, what will she “Juliet” “do” next?

    (Cut up his “ties!!!”)

    Also Ha Ha @ the Avon and rob comment, so “true”, so very “true”.

    Juliet you have just given me a whole new way of using “” “fabulous”

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