Yes, I know this is dreadful, but I just couldn’t help myself.

Me and the lovely Juliet have recently* been on a holiday riddled with stupid and funny signs. I keep waiting for her to post them, but then I remember that I have the photos. So that will be coming soon.

The point (yes, the point) is this: do people not stop to think what they have written? Everyone comes out with the occasional verbal gaffe, but this sign must, must, must have been passed as suitable by four or five different people at the absolute minimum.

Anyway, like I say, more personal examples coming soon.

* This holiday is now not so recent, but I keep referring to it as such as the memory of the holiday is 3.7 million times better than the reality of work.


2 thoughts on “Crass

  1. That’s hilarious!

    Can you email me all those photos so I can put them up- I keep forgetting about it


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