A game of two halves

I love games.

Monopoly is probably my favourite. Cluedo is good. Trivial Pursuit I could spend hours on (and often do). There are new ones too – Balderdash is hilarious (although it does rely in part on the people you play with) and I have heard good things about Cranium.

I’m not even going to mention such classics as Guess Who, Operation and the legendary Twister.

When I was a bit younger I used to like computer games too, but I can’t honestly say this has continued in the same way that my love of board games has*. (Ooh, the Game of Life, the list continues!)

I used to think this was because they were a bit solitary, lacking the social side (read: making an L shape on your forehead and dancing around singing Lo-o-oser!) but recent advances in the world of Internet have made this a bit of a hollow criticism.

So my new criticism is that it is full of 14 year olds speaking l33t and calling me a n00b. And if you can understand that last sentence then I hate you!

So, I wonder if people think I am being a hypocrite, or if I’m right? I mean, I know I’m always right, but, you know, more right than usual.

* This obviously doesn’t include Windows Solitaire when there is work to be done!


13 thoughts on “A game of two halves

  1. I hate video games and the people who play them! I am determined not to give in on that one with Ned.

    Scrabble is my fave!

  2. Umm…I did understand the sentence but in my defence that’s only becaue my ex-boyfriend (stressing the EX) tried to teach it to me one day and occasionally uses it when we chat. Infrequently.

    I love Monopoly! and Balderdash too, we always play that on family holidays and it usually ends with everyone collapsing on the floor in fits of giggles.

    Do you remember Mouse Trap?


  3. Did you know there’s a version of ‘Super-Monopoly’ with more squares on the board, and the ability to upgrade your hotels to become skyscrapers?

  4. I’m actually a bit worried that I may be experiencing an encephalopathic episode as I understood hardly any of that post, apart from the names of the games. What is full of annoying 14 year olds? The internet? I see. And what did that sentence mean?!

  5. Ellie. I will not hate you, don’t worry. But you must immediately delete all of his contact details!

    Mouse Trap – brilliant. Do you remember the CITV show with the giant one?

    Welshy, don’t worry, you have passed the test. L33t is an irritating “language” that you think is cool when you are 12 and makes it look like you are writing in Wingdings. L33t means “elite” which makes me laugh so hard I pass a kidney.

    Right, enough chit chat! Super Monopoly?! Where can I get it?!

    (Sad reflective pause as Chris realises that although Super Monopoly sounds cool it will actually probably not be as playable.)

  6. Details duly deleted! Yes I remember the CITV Mousetrap 🙂

    Did you hear about the updated Monopoly where they’re changing all the streets and things? I’m shocked and horrified. Shocked and horrified I tell you.

  7. As far as I can tell, the “Mega Edition” of Monopoly is only available in a US edition. It can be found at http://paizo.com/store/byCompany/w/winningMoves/boardGames/v5748btpy7tm2

    I don’t know if anywhere else carries it – that was just the site I found out about it on.

    Also, you should note that there is an import duty on (boxed) games, which can be quite nasty (especially since they’ll also charge you VAT!), and that Paizo’s delivery charges are horrible.

  8. Rebeccopoly all the way!

    We don’t play many games any more do we though, because someone was a sour loser!

    We really should tell everybody about Philip’s Cranium efforts (or maybe The Italian Job) but I have to go to a lecture right now. So it’s up to you Chris…

  9. There are about 45 million varieties of Monopoly. I was particularly disturbed to find Derbyshire Monopoly in the shops. Now as much as I love my county (and I do) there are not enough different places of interest to merit a separate Monopoly…!

    The other day I saw one where the money had been replaced by chip and pin!

    Now there is something to make you choke on your own bile!

    Competition: what is the worst Monopoly you have seen?!

  10. Oh and Philip’s Balderdash and Charade efforts are legendary…

    I really can’t do them justice though. You really have to be there…

    Although his definition of “paradiddle” is a work of supreme comedy.

    Paradiddle: someone who is paralysed and wants a diddle.

  11. d03$n’7 17 j|_|$7 $|_|ck \/\/h3n p30pl3 |_|$3 l337 4nd j00 j|_|$7 d0n’7 g37 17?

  12. 😛 U n00b! – 17 d035 $uCK, yes.

    Joo? Do they really use that?!

    I really hope for your sake that you used a l337 converter…

    This pseudo-language is just so inefficient, as exemplified by your use of \/\/.

    It reminds me a bit of Dutch, which looks a lot different to English, but then you struggle with the pronunciation of the various diphthongs, etc, and end up coming out with something that sounds like English with a Dutch accent.

    Anyway, |_a73r$.


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