The Chrlog

So by now you have probably noticed that I have once again (a) changed my template, (b) moved my blog to piss everyone off and (c) changed its name.

I have mainly done this out of a sense of ennui (clearly I spent too much time visiting Juliet in la belle France) but could justify it by saying that I wanted to move away from all the pretend anger and into a more generic blog. But mainly I just wanted a change.

The picture of the clouds is one that I took when we were on holiday recently* so that will cheer me up too!

Oh and just to pre-empt any smart arses, I am aware it should be the “Chrulip” but felt this was too obscure!

* think I covered this one a few posts back.


4 thoughts on “The Chrlog

  1. Chris, you are a menace. Because it annoys me, I’ve never used the “Favourites” feature of Internet Exploder, instead storing my dozen top sites in the location bar. Naturally, in the morning I visit them each in turn.

    Changing your address does two things: firstly, it requires me to add the new address to my location bar (which can be fun at times), and secondly it forces me to revisit all the sites I visited before your original blog address, so they don’t fall off the bottom of the bar.


    Truth be told, that’s an extremely minor thing, and hardly worth mentioning. However, since I’m posting anyway, I thought I’d have a rant about that. I mean, why not?

    Now, the thing I’m really commenting about: The picture at the top of the screen says “he chrlog”. Is this intentional? Did the ‘T’ fall off? Or is it just my screen?

  2. Yes, I know it is annoying.

    I would say “sorry” but it seems wrong to pretend I am genuinely apologetic.

    That is the second time I have nearly lost out to the cat.

    It says “he Chrlog” because you have a rubbish resolution! Make it wider and you will get the whole thing! I spent ages trying to make it look acceptable on all screens too… You must have a very thin computer!


    Suggestions for the next theme/name welcome!

  3. I have now widened the outside columns… this will make viewing this blog a very cramped affair for those with 20th Century monitors…

    Again, I apologise. But you can play with my bat if you like. His name is Bruce.

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