LOST: one minion

There was once a blogger. His “name” was {minion}. He had a blog of poems.

He came here to say hello. Something about life being bleak.

So I left him a poem on his blog.

(This is the sinister bit in the story, so readers of a squeamish disposition should look away now.)

His blog disappeared, and I cannot find it!

Several options present themselves for closer scrutiny:

(1) He didn’t like my poem and went to the trouble of moving his whole blog to escape me… (Bastard!)
(2) He felt outclassed by the raw, shimmering genius of my poem, and decided to retire. (Unlikely.)
(3) He has been silenced by the mafia/government/poetry police. (More unlikely.)
(4) Other. (Most likely.)

I wonder what “other” it is.

It is a shame, I actually enjoyed his poems very much.

You can follow the link to the left if you like. Then you too can stare at the “Page not found” screen and feel nostalgic.


8 thoughts on “LOST: one minion

  1. you know, i use the nexy blog function and often am impressed by how intimate the writing can be. i often leave comments to let the authors know that i was there and appreciated reading their writings. i hope that makes some kind of positive connection and doesn’t feel like an invasaion. it would be sad to inadvertently harm someone just by being wintess to their wiritings or in you case poetry.

    at any rate, i appreciated you stopping by my mine and leaving me a message. very cool.

  2. oops….

    I’m so so so so sorry, it wasn’t your poem.
    though maybe a little of the second statement 🙂
    (I wish i’d backed up some of the comments now…)
    poetry police might have caught me, but then they’d have to admit I wrote poems!, alas I don’t think I do…I really think most of my stuff is dross, but few like their own creations, the only creation I’m genuinly proud of is my daughter 🙂

    Number 4 is the winner, and no, I really don’t want to go into it.
    I’m sorry if anyone was upset, or anything….but, hey, we all have moments…that was one of mine.

    Yours, as was…

    now just Inconsequential . . .

  3. Ok, getting tiresome now, Chris! You are not so popular that we will all stick around indefinitely waiting for your latest word of wisdom you know! Get back here soon or you shall disappear from my pointless links list! (ooh, that stings, doesn’t it?!)

  4. Even Minion has been asking me about him. I told him to do a post full of spelling mistakes, then he will have to come out of hiding.

    Yawn….I am getting sooooo tired of this now too Welshy.

  5. Hello everyone.

    Sorry about that. I can’t decide if trying to smoke someone out of hiding without really knowing whether they wanted to be smoked (so to speak) then disappearing yourself is just quite rude or very rude… So I apologise.

    Only to Inconsequential though, the rest of you can jump in the lake! “Write for us monkey boy, write!” I don’t have that many interesting things to say you know!

    Anyway, I’m back now!

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