When is it time to remove your cucumber from the fridge?

Answer: when it has changed from a solid into a liquid.


15 thoughts on “When is it time to remove your cucumber from the fridge?

  1. Did it have icky fuzz in there too? I had to stop buying fresh vegetables because I left them in the fridge so long they would get all fuzzy and mouldy. Not very appetizing at all.

    Hurrah, you blogged again! Now I have to wait another three weeks to hear from you.

  2. Why bother at all? No, just wait for your housemate to remove it…
    (This works with anything)

  3. Actually it was a bit past the fuzz stage; it had kind of turned into a grey liquid.

    Thankfully it was still completely in its wrapper, so it was totally self contained… In fact it was like a teddy bear version of a cucumber. Well, at least if they made one out of water and decided the best colour was… grey.


    Fruit in fruit bowls is okay for aesthetics, fruit in tins is more expedient!

    And Welshy, why so bitter? Is there something you want to share about your housemate?!

  4. Bitter? Not at all… No time to share today, though; I am busy putting (someone else’s) KFC wrappers in the bin and picking up shoes from the living room floor. After which I shall hoover the whole house and clean the bathroom, despite this other mystery person’s name being down on the housework rota this week…

  5. *cue cute chorus of Disney (TM) mice to create an improbably well-manufactured outfit whilst Welsherella works*

  6. christopher… why on earth would i have green food in my fridge? you know my rule!… the only green thing i have in my fridge is mould…

  7. why on earth would they want to ruin perfectly yummy choc chip cookies by putting green bits in them?

  8. Do you remember green ketchup?

    People don’t like green food if it isn’t supposed to be green!!

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