Ediths and Ethels

I suppose this story all starts when my mum (who used to work at an “old people’s” home) came home to tell us that one of her patients had died. I should probably point out that this is not because she is (was?) a crap nurse, but because she used to work with a lot of poorly, old people! They would all die eventually!

This particular patient’s name was “Ethel”.

I imagine that a higher than average percentage of people who are dying in their 80s are called something like “Edith” or “Ethel” or, for the men, “Frederick” or “Sid”. Equally, I imagine that not very many newborns have these names bestowed upon them.

I don’t know why, but this makes me kind of sad. The Ethels of the world are dying out.

So, why not do your bit to make the world a happier place and name your newborn son/daughter Wilfred or Doreen?


14 thoughts on “Ediths and Ethels

  1. Yeah, you first. Can you imagine calling your beautiful baby Doreen? Years of torment followed by years of therapy – you would be paying for that one forever!

  2. I think my children will get bullied anyway when I come to pick them up from school, so I may as well get them a head start.

    Have you heard “A boy named Sue” by Johnny Cash?

  3. Well, those are significantly better than some of the names that get inflicted on kids today. There’s a poor child in Falkirk whose first name is ‘Jet Li’, and whose middle name was chosen because that was the make of his father’s car!

    And the worst thing about this story… I’m not making it up.

  4. Inconsequential, I am so glad you didn’t steal a child!!!

    A Boy Named Sue is one of my dad’s fave songs – as you know, he was a Johnny Cash man.

  5. My nickname is Elsie and my friend’s is Doris. I like some of the old fashioned names – though I must admit some of them did go out of fashion for a very, very good reason. Would you saddle your kid with a name like Gertrude?

    I like the name Adelaide too 🙂


  6. I always think Gertrude is a rather unflattering name! Makes me think of girdles.
    And the worst of them all…


  7. Yes, much better to have a beautiful and unique name like Kerenza than to be called Griselda – that really is vile!
    Kerenza really does beat all names though for prettiness, I think 🙂

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