Buying a new bin

Here is something that is impossible: you are cleaning, and you are absent mindedly emptying the bin whilst thinking about something more interesting (i.e. girls*, cars, football, whatever). Later you realise that you no longer have a bin. In fact, you have thrown the bin out with the rubbish.

Today I went to buy a new bin from Morrisons.

* by which of course I mean my girlfriend.


9 thoughts on “Buying a new bin

  1. No Juliet, he’s just a man, what do you expect? They are incapable of doing anything right. Once you accept that, you will understand them more!

  2. Juliet and all other readers: I would like you all to disregard my last comment. I was hallucinating at the time I wrote this. Chris is not a typical man, he is a sweet, considerate, intelligent, handsome, very educated man who would only throw a bin out by accident and he must have been thinking of something extremely important at the time and got side tracked.

    Oh, and he has lush pigtails too!

  3. Hmm!

    Don’t you think it is rather obvious that I told you to say something nice for a change?

    More subtle next time please!

  4. Okay, now you just spoiled it! No one would have suspected a thing! Honest. You just ruined it all. Everyone would have said “oh isn’t that nice, Molly is being so kind to Chris”. Now they all know the awful truth, that you forced me to say something nice!

  5. I would just like to note that I have never accidentally thrown out a bin, no matter what I’ve been thinking about at the time.

    I did, however, lose a full bottle of silver polish in the course of moving from Yeovil to Falkirk.

  6. Well, I have to say, due to similar reasons (thinking about other things), when I picked up the bin bag to take it out to the dustbin on the way to school, I took the rubbish all the way to school with me and didn’t notice until someone asked me what was in the bin bag! So I sympathise with you!

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