Damn it. There I was, getting used to the way young people speak… I had mastered LMAO (pronounced leMAOW) and ROFL (pronounced ROFFler) and had even begun to get stuck into LMAOROFL (pronounced leMAOWroffler of course). I didn’t like them, but at least I had stopped shouting and throwing things when I saw them…

Then along comes LMAOROFLZORZ. Er… what? I can only guess this is pronounced lemaowROFFlerzorz. I don’t know why, but I prefer the stress on the ROFF in the longer version.

Anyway, answers on a postcard as to what the hell this might mean.*

* Be aware that if you do know, I will bar you from this blog. I have no idea of how to do this, but I will find out!


11 thoughts on “Zorz

  1. Ahhh… “orz” was used in hacker-speak (“l33t-speak”) to replace the common English suffix “ers” (as in, hack0rz, fuck0rz). Gradually it started getting added to other words (a bit like some of Pakistani origin adding “innit” to the end of sentences where one wouldn’t even say “isn’t it”). Hence “skills” became “skillz” and eventually, because of adding “0rz” willy-nilly becomes “skillz0rz” (or more probably, “5|< |77z0rz"). Am I banned yet? 😉

  2. Thanks for stopping by to say hi, dear. Your perceptive comments are always welcome!

    And Walesy… how illuminating… But, er, although I can follow all the steps through, I still don’t really “get it”.

    Anyway, I’m going to bed now zorz.

    (Did I use it right?!)

  3. Why thank you welsherella!

    Juliet, stop wasting cyberspace by stating the obvious.

    Chris: no, no, no. In summary, you’d add “zorz” generally to a word in plural form that indicated a set of things and generally only had one syllable. For example: skillz0rz, hackz0rz, mathz0rz.

    However, in a muted statement of rage and indignation at the increasing size of our abbreviations (moving up to that great and ridiculous juggernaut that is ROTFLMFAO) “z0rz” is sometimes appended to make such words longer and highlight their silliness. Sometimes the same effect can be created by adding a string of exclamation marks followed by 1’s, as if the writer was so orgasmically excited that they could barely contain themselves!!!!!!!!!!111

    *defence rests*

  4. Oh right!

    I quite like that then.

    Maybe zorz is my friend.

    I can’t quite bring myself to replace the o with a zero though…


  5. I don’t know what you just said but I don’t think I like it! An F-word that at a glance could be filth, felch or worse, fifth. What does it all mean?!?!!!!!!!!11

  6. FTIEH is the Funniest Thing I Ever Heard…

    It is kind of like a “nuclear option” brought into being by the reckless devaluation of ROTF and LMFAO…

    …and as much as I would like to claim credit for this amusing metaphor, I can’t. I read it somewhere (another blog I think) but have now lost it…! Drat!

  7. \^/311, !p}{ +3}{ |{!6z \^/4/\/+ +0 |_|z3 p3(|_|1!4r \^/4’/z 0p}{ 5p34|{!/\/9 4/\/6 +’/p!/\/9, 13+ +3}{^^. \^/3 }{46 0|_|r 0\^//\/z \/3r5!0/\/z \^/}{3/\/ 9r0\^/!/\/9 |_|p.


    w311, !ph +3h k!dz w4n+ +0 uz3 p3cu1!4r w4yz 0ph 5p34k!ng 4nd +yp!ng, 13+ +3hm. w3 h4d 0ur 0wnz v3r5!0nz wh3n gr0w!ng up.

    if that’s a little tamer for the lamer 🙂

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