The day I was proved wrong – parts one and two

Part one

A sad, sad day.

Back to the dialogue then, as that is the easiest way:

Me: “Billy*, we have had this washing machine for a while now. How do I change the filter that holds all the fluff?”
Billy: “Um… good question.”

Later… (after Billy finishes trying to pull random bits off the front):

Billy: “I don’t think you have to. I think it does it automatically.”
Me: “That doesn’t sound very likely.”
Billy: “No, really, I think it is automatically flushed out with the water.”
Me: “What, the water after it has dried all the clothes?”

Billy: “Er…”
Me: “Seriously, you have to empty these things. I am an expert on tumble driers. Trust me. The fluff can’t possibly go anywhere, as if it could get through any gaps to escape then so could your socks.”

Billy: “Hang on, I’ll look on the internet.”
Me: “Look, Ben… er, I mean Billy, the internet will be of no use. This is a washing machine. You need the instruction manual.”
Juliet: “Actually dear, they do sometimes have the manual online these days.”
Me: “Oh hello dear, I didn’t realise you were in this story. Really?”
Juliet: “Yes.”

Me: “Shall we have one of those pauses that allows Billy to say the next ridiculous thing?”
Juliet: “Okay.”


Billy: “You see: it says in this review that you don’t have to. It has an automatic self filtering system.”
Me: “Eh?”
Billy: “Yes, look, this customer says that she has had hers for eighteen months. She has three cats and a dog and has never had to clean out the drying filter.”
Me: “Oh. All right then.”
Juliet: “Don’t worry dear, it was bound to happen eventually… You can’t always be right.”
Me: [chunter chunter] “Enough of your cheek young lady. I’m going to bed.”

* The names have been changed to protect the innocent goon I live with!

Part two

I was out of bed at this point, if anyone is interested.

Me: “Um, Billy. The washing machine has stopped drying my clothes… It is flashing. It says ‘F-13’. I think F may stand for FAULT.”
Billy: “Er… let me google it.”
Me: “Hmph!”
Billy: “Oh. It says Fault 13 means that the filter is blocked with fluff.”

Yeah, bitch!

I was wrong for a whole 45 minutes. It was rubbish. I am determined to never let this happen again!

NOTE: it would be churlish to suggest that you google “WD860 review” and read the articles, or indeed suggest that you google “WD860 F13” and read all the hilarious “worst thing I have ever bought” complaints, so I won’t. Well done me.


9 thoughts on “The day I was proved wrong – parts one and two

  1. Am slightly concerned by the reference to three cats and dogs. Does she put THEM in the washing machine? Or was your blog cunningly set up to make someone ask that?!?!?

    Do I take it that you don’t like being wrong then Chris?

  2. Good show old man! Now don’t let it happen again, sounds absolutely hideous. Shocking how these things come close to affecting us. I feel concerned that a friend of mine has been wrong! It could be me next!

  3. Erm, I’m not sure I ever did say I doubted you dear. Nor do I think that at any point during the 45 minute interval of you being wrong-ness did you ever accept that you were wrong.

    Bless you. Washers that also tumble dry are a complete waste of time and effort. But I guess you and Billy are busy learning that right now


  4. Kezzie… I hope not. I think she was trying to say she has a lot of fluff in her house. Something to advertise widely, I feel.

    And I wouldn’t know what it feels like to be wrong. But I am guessing it is unpleasant from the looks I get on people’s faces when I show them they are wrong!

    Walesy, quelle horreur! I know, it was quite unnerving. I try to stay away from wrongunz0rz! (Did I get it? Did I get it?!)

    And yes dear, me and Billy (I keep thinking Billy No Mates) are indeed learning that, as our dryer is now not working. At least I have an airer… Billy smells a bit… damp!

  5. So if I admit that I was jumping up and down with glee at the thought of you being wrong and the horror that filled you, do I sound a)mean, b)childish, c)both?

    It sucks that you were only wrong for a short time, you must have thought you had crossed into the twilight zone or something.

  6. Wd860 In Stock
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    it’s ok, you can get a new one 🙂

  7. Shit! that makes me look like a spammer….

    sorry, oh fuck, I said shit on your blog!

    Sorry about that too 🙂

    It’s good that you are never wrong, it means you can have a stable point in your world.

  8. Molly, I was thinking of you, of course, when I wrote this.

    I enjoyed teasing you with the possibility I might have made an error.

    But you should have known better!

  9. Oh, and Inc, I was quite concerned that spam had (a) managed to penetrate the word verification (even I can only do that about 1 in 3…) and (b) got so specific!

    Billy is trying to get a full refund as we speak. You know, writing to the MD of Hotpoint, invoking the Trades Descriptions Act and the Sale of Goods Act, etc… I feel he might be better to pursue more traditional methods first (asking them if they will fix it please) but my opinion is not valuable currency in such matters.

    Will keep you all posted.

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