Beta. Not to be confused with "better".

What was I thinking?!

The Chrlog looks a little different now, as I have transferred my blogs to the beta version, (except it isn’t a beta version any more, but a fully working replacement).

You will notice my profile has disappeared. Also many people will now be unable to comment.

My apologies. Feel free to be anonymous for the duration.

Oh, and the template changes are not finished, as I am tired. I will finish them another time.


9 thoughts on “Beta. Not to be confused with "better".

  1. lol, it’s just a change, and we all tend to resent changes initially.

    I have to say it does have a few features I like, but as a karmic respomse to the universe, the makers decided to put a few bits in that suck.

    I was hoping for a few more customization options.

    in response to your comment,
    not sure how i found you, but i suspect you found me 🙂
    as far as I can tell the person we have in common would be ‘Molly’ as in the fabulous life of a pin up,
    she would appear to be our link.

    As for location, i’m in Lincolnshire, not sure if I have ever been to Northhampton.

    Bleak is my style. It’s the inner Goth showing off to the outer Goth that I am…
    Though I was very touched by the {Minion} obit you did for me 🙂
    Kinda regret that whole moment, as all that has changed is the name…

    Still, that’s life mostly, same ol’ shit, different wrapper…

    So no we don’t know each other in the real, I’m not sure we know each other in the virtual either, but I like to visit here, and I enjoy your comments when you visit mine. So I guess that puts us on the level of netfriends 🙂
    If i ever find myself in Northampton, i’ll pop in the bar soviet on the off chance! I’ll be the 6’6″ chap dressed in black with hair down to my arse, oh, and most likely looking really miserable.

  2. please ignore the typos.
    a little hung over, not really up to proof reading commnets…

  3. Blogger wouldn’t allow me to switch mine, said that there were enough people already switched. I felt most left out! 😦 like the fish by the way 😉

  4. You are right, Mr Inc. – I resent all change.

    I was under the impression you were from Northhampton; I have no idea why. I suspect one of the stalkers on your blog was trying to arrange meeting you there, and I foolishly assumed you were a local. I have never been there either, so it seems an unlikely place for me to bump into you!

    Reb, I did the 3 to 2 thing myself, that would be an unusual thing for Blogger to be able to do by itself! It mainly mucked up things like my name (it changed “Chris” to “Turtle” – no, really!) and my profile (gone for good) not my template. Sorry if I played up Beta’s faults.

    Ellie, how upsetting! Maybe you don’t meet the geekiness criteria for testing a beta…!

    And Walesy… eh?! I have no idea… even of what you are talking about… I’ll, er… look into it!

  5. If you go to “Settings” on your account, and then “Site Feed”, you can turn it on from there 🙂

  6. Bored, not to be confused with entertained. Waiting for another post since the last one was so freakin’ long ago, not to be confused with bored (see previous sentence). If Juliet who is busier than everyone on this planet can find the time to post, what is your excuse?

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