Happy New Year

Hello everyone.

Busy busy busy!

This reminds me of a story, which I will relate in a minute. However, first let me wish everyone a happy 2007. I won’t say a “happy and prosperous new year” as this there are about a million more important things to be than prosperous. I wish you a happy and… er, solvent new year. There.

Right, story time.

I was busy again (there is the link) and I was emailed at work to ask if I could do something (yes, yes, I know; this is very vague, but it was a long time ago… let’s just assume it was something to do with a pub) but, as has already been stated, I was busy, so I replied to this effect. Unfortunately, I mistyped “busy” as “busty”.

This had the dual effect of meaning that my friend didn’t receive the email (I do hope that he didn’t go to the pub… there’s a thought) and also that my email would get intercepted by the “email quarantine team” and I would get drawn into a series of in-depth questions regarding who I was emailing.

I mean “sorry, I am busty tonight”… what else could it possibly mean?!

Anyway, this is an old story, and one that is perhaps better experienced than read (!), but the reason I am bringing it up now (other than because Molly was shouting “come on monkey boy, type”) is because I have received several emails recently that I would imagine would get pulled up in a similar way and just haven’t.

Here is a list (because I know people like such things) of words I have received:

Crack whore
Noel Edmonds

I mean, I would have thought these were more interesting than my D cup.

See you in February!


7 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Well, I don’t like to be pinned down…!

    It was not really intended seriously, I apologise.

  2. Was someone calling Noel Edmonds a bastard, wanker, bugger, crap, shit or crack whore? I would say he is all of those except the crack whore, but I haven’t seen him on the telly in recent years so who knows?

    Happy New Year sweetpea!

  3. Now that would be good reality TV!

    Actually they were separate emails… Disappointing I know!

  4. Happy New Year Chris! One of the really lovely things about Australia is the complete and utter lack of Noel Edmonds 🙂 I saw him doing Deal or No Deal at home last year but thankfully they’ve got their own (still completely annoying) guy over here 🙂

  5. I am upset that my ‘bloody’ didn’t make it into your list, especially as you told me off for it at the time! I guess I’m just not a natural foul mouth… (nearly typed ‘moth’ there, by mistake. Oops).

  6. That was all a bit cryptic! I like Noel Edmonds so I don’t agree with him making it into a list of such verbal attrocities!
    I like the word verification which is ‘Smenita’!

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