Immigration crime

“By rejecting DVD piracy you’re helping to tackle it.

“You may remember the 21 Chinese illlegal immigrants who tragically lost their lives whilst picking cockles in Morecambe Bay. Investigations by Lancashire Police led to the houses of the men responsible for their deaths. There, they found over 4,000 counterfeit DVDs and computers containing counterfeit material.

“Lin Liang Ren and Lin Mu Yong were charged with 21 counts of manslaughter, perverting the Course of Justice, assisting and facilitating illegal immigration and manufacturing of false work permits. They received a total of 23 years imprisonment between them.

“DVD piracy costs too much.”

Believe it or not, this is what the small piece of card that came inside my copy of Superman Returns said. Oh don’t worry though, I still had to sit through the 4 minute assault on the senses referred to here (and I’m sure elsewhere, ad infinitum). Stupid people!

Oh, and Superman Returns itself… there’s an interesting film.


4 thoughts on “Immigration crime

  1. I liked it. Although, on reflection, it turns out that it is in fact the exact same film as the first Superman… which is a bit odd.

  2. Well, Welshy. We don’t always like the same things!

    I like Superman in general. So I thought I would give it a whirl. In general I did like it, which is why I said it was interesting and not bad. But the constant heavy-handed references to how Superman is like Jesus were a bit much for me. I mean it is one thing for Marlon Brando to be saying that “[he loved] the world so much [he] sent it [his] only son” but to have him floating around with his arms out in a cross position all the time was really irritating!

    I hadn’t actually noticed the obvious sameness (I can’t really use the word similarity with a clear conscience) with Superman but you are right, Stephen. However, the important question is this: how dare you comment here! You have previously admitted you were considering dropping my blog in favour of either Connor or Oscar (I was never sure which) but now I find out that you don’t even like them! I am unsure of exactly how far down the pecking order this puts me, but it must be pretty low!


  3. I don’t recall saying I don’t like those blogs. In fact, “The Cat Who Came in From the Cold” (was that Oscar?) was rather amusing… when it was being updated, that is.

    Anyway, you should know that humans will always come below cats in the pecking order.

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