Men gamble, sheep gambol…

… both are fleeced!

The church on the main road near my house has started to recycle its billboards. I know this, because I recognised this particularly amusing bit of wordplay from my school days. It must be 14 years ago, but I remember seeing this outside the church and thinking “yes, that is quite clever”. Perhaps other people don’t have such a good memory.

The other side of the board proclaims “The wages of sin is death – so quit now before pay day!”

I’m glad they have started to recycle them – the old ones are so much better than the more recent ones they have had.

In other news, Juliet is now in Spain. I wonder how she is doing?


4 thoughts on “Men gamble, sheep gambol…

  1. hee, hee, Molly thinks you are an idiot! I didn’t go to Spain JUST to get away from you though!

    What are RSS feeds?

    I already knew about the boards because I listen to you when you talk dear!

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