Interesting fact number 49,392

Did you know…

… that Irish pubs banned smoking before English hospitals?

I find this unusual.

Although in some ways I think it is cruel. As the patients who are smokers have to go outside. And, although we know that smoking is cool and makes girls want to have sex with you instantly, it is hard to look cool when you are attached to a drip.

In unrelated news, I have absolutely no idea what an RSS feed is. I did, however, click on a button marked “feed” on the settings tab, so if I have done what people are asking then let me know. Please don’t take it upon yourself to explain what an RSS feed is, as I couldn’t care less.



4 thoughts on “Interesting fact number 49,392

  1. Interesting story no 39,393:
    I recently had to accompany a patient with a morphine drip down to one of the entrances of the hospital so he could have a cigarette. It is, of course, still illegal to have the cigarette by the entrance (because the whole of the grounds is non-smoking) but it would probably have been worse to stand next to the busy road going “look at my morhpine drip”! I had to cover my uniform so nobody would know I was a nurse and if challenged by anyone who knew me, was instructed to tell them the patient was my dad. So, that wouldn’t quite work for anyone who knew me at all would it?

    Well done on the feed thing. I think it means we can spy on you now.

  2. Why do you want an explanation of the RSS feed whn you “couldn’t care less”? Surely that is a bit of a contradiction, no?

  3. Actually, if you notice, I don’t want an explanation of RSS feeds.

    You see, I really couldn’t care any less!

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