This blog is one hundred posts old.

Feel free to leave a short congratulatory message!


9 thoughts on “Celebrate!

  1. I think you are your own secret admirer and commented on yourself because basically, you are a sad git!

    Woohoo, congratulations on having 100 posts. If you got typing a bit more often you might have a lot more by now!

  2. Hmm, and secret admirer has a)probably only seen that furrowed bit of your forehead and nose in your picture and b)not said you are the best blogger; just the best looking one… Praise indeed.
    Happy blog centenary! (Is that right?) xx

  3. [insert short congratulatory message here]

    (i suspect you are much better at flattering yourself than anyone could:) Cheers!)

  4. I would normally offer to say something for reaching such a milestone, but every time I congratulated one of the England cricket team on reaching a century, they were normally out the next ball, so I would hate for the same thing to happen here!

  5. Welshy: my furrow is my best feature!

    VV: I like to think I have a healthy ego, yes!

    Rob: I knew I wasn’t adding to this blog because of someone else’s fault and not because I am lazy! You may find a similar thing is true of England – getting out is usually down to a moment of shitness in my experience, and not your phenomenal psychic powers. You should be glad it is at 100 though, rather than at 14 as is more usual!

    Meva: you’ll be waiting a long time I think. I believe in quality over quantity… except without the quality.

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