Hello and welcome to Chris´s travels in Spain. The first good news is that the Spaniards have wisely adopted the QWERTY keyboard instead of the AZERTY. Well done Spain. Another mark against the French!

Upon arrival, RJ challenged me to name all the countries in the EU. I got 24, which I considered to be quite good. I only missed out three. One of these was the Netherlands, which I was quite embarrassed by. The other two were… well I´m not telling. RJ says she is going to post about it, so you can miss those two off yourself when you get the challenge.

Heads swimming with the excitement of long lists of places, we decided to see if we could name all 50 states of the US. We did quite well, and got all 50. Unfortunately, these included Cleveland (which is not a state, although there is a place called Cleveland in 19 states… in fact there are five Clevelands in Wisconsin… come on Wisconsinites, get some imagination!), Detroit (selfishly already in Michegan), Omaha (ditto Nebraska) and Chruliet (um, well we were getting desperate!).

We missed out on New Jersey and Pennsylvania, amongst others, which are some of the most obvious ones… how sad!

This is why we are to be believed when we say we are some of the coolest people on the planet! Hand on heart – are you this cool? I think not!



9 thoughts on “Caixo!

  1. i think that it’s totally fine that you left off the garden state.

    i forget about new jersey too. intentionally, in fact.

  2. It is Michigan dear, not Michegan. Tut tut, please spell check your work before publishing!

    And yes, I am ultra cool.

  3. It doesn’t really matter how it’s spelt, as americans can’t spell properly anyway…


  4. Yeah, I couldn’t either, I only got about 20, although mainly because Chris was putting me off

  5. Yes, well, your face was putting me off, dear!

    I blame you for my slight spelling error too!

    Although I maintain that it is the whole rest of the world that is spelling it incorrectly.

    Seriously, I am infallible. Like the Pope. Except I am not a reformed Nazi, so I am even better.*

    Can I ask, are Ros and Kezzie the same person?!

    * Can I say this, or do I have to put “allegedly”?

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