Guest star: Welsherella, a.k.a. worst friend ever!

Chris and Welsherella are leaving a cafe, having completely exhausted all possible topics of conversation. What was that, you hate public transport, Chris? Your housemate doesn’t do the washing up, le Welsh?!

Anyway, we bump into some people Welshy knows at the door. One of these people is either from Aberystwyth or has been living there or something. I used to live there too. I worked in a bar.

Welshy says hello and introduces me: “This is Chris; he went to University in Aberystwyth.”

Er, what?

“No I didn’t,” I point out.

Welshy does that thing where she chews on her bottom lip. It is relatively cute in most circumstances, but not the one where she has revealed she knows nothing about me, i.e. this one.

“You did, didn’t you?”


“Where did you go to Uni then?”

“Leeds! With you! We met there, remember?!”

“So you two know each other pretty well then?” (This said by Welsh’s bemused friend.)

Seriously. Worst. Friend. Ever.


9 thoughts on “Guest star: Welsherella, a.k.a. worst friend ever!

  1. Pfft! That’s nothing!

    MapMan answered the phone the other day, and it was his ex-wife. He suddenly looked panicked, held his hand over the mouthpiece of the phone and mouthed at me ‘What’s her name?’.

  2. Welsherella! (best scolding voice) How could you forget you went to uni with Chris? I think you will have to treat him to coffee to make up for it and not scold him for being his usual late self.

  3. Oh, he was late, don’t worry. But only five minutes this time, so sadly I can’t use that one…
    I’m not actually sure cake and coffee will make up for this one – he had to tell my other friends that I would be over to sit with them as soon as he had shouted at me…
    Meva – you are right; your example is better. See, Chris?!

  4. And anyway, I didn’t go to uni with you, Chris! In fact, I wasn’t even still at uni (just working there!) when I met you! (I’m not sure what I think this proves…)

  5. A very good friend of mine once asked me if i had just worn glasses.

    I have been wearing glasses since i was 5.

    Then again, i don’t quite remember which friend that was either…

    Fair enough, then!

    p.s. I like Vapvib:) – sounds like a cleaning detergent. Although i can simply go by V too.

  6. V for… vendetta? Let’s hope not!

    Anyway, it turns out that everyone has shit friends… well done Welshy, you are back in the circle!

    Oh and I really hope MapMan was joking!

  7. “V for… vendetta?”

    I can’t believe you just said/wrote that…*hangs her head in disappointment*

    Thank goodness for the Nuts story.


  8. Thank goodness for the nuts story…

    If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard that.

    Sorry, I was tired!

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