A bunch of James Blunts

This is cockney rhyming slang. I couldn’t possibly say what for, you will have to ask Welshy, she uses that word all the time.

The reason I am speaking (fluent) cockney is because Molly recently commented that she hated Londoners. I really need to have a word with that girl – she precipitated a massive row last time with her insensitive behaviour towards Americans, and if I am not careful I will have Londoners puling and whining about how they are all right really and the only reason they are often unfriendly is because they are busy and important. Actually I think I have made this observation already recently, I will have to be careful about what I say in case people thing I am anti-London.

Anyway, here is a photo that I took recently at Stansted Airport that I think perfectly encapsulates the London attitude:


7 thoughts on “A bunch of James Blunts

  1. I would be no good working for the UN would I, not very diplomatic! I stress, I don’t hate all Londoners, just the ones who turn their nose up at me for coming from Birmingham! But really, people with Cockney accents do sound like a bunch of gits, don’t they?

  2. That photo is brilliant. You know, I’ve always wondered about people who act like the world revolves around them. I now realize that the world is small beer.

  3. I do not use that word all the time! Herrumph!
    I love that sign. It could have featured in my story about my Oxford trip on Sunday.
    I am still annoyed with you, putting a slur on my good name. :p

  4. You know, they’re just as bad, if not worse in Paris. My old Parisian flatmate refused to go out in Lille, EVER, because there was just nothing to do outside Paris!

  5. Molly, I think Geri Halliwell worked for the UN at one point… if she can do it, so can you!

    Cockney people always sound aggressive, I think, even if they are saying something like “look at those lovely flowers”. Go on, do the voice in your head, you know I am right!

    Meva, it amused me. Several Londoners pushed past me as I was taking the photo, looking as if I was slightly mad. I did try to explain that I was taking an amusing picture for my blog but they weren’t interested. Sad, quite sad!

    Welshy, your good name, your good name?! Well, Welsherella is a good name, yes, but then I did come up with it, what would you expect?!

    Some day I will tell the world about some of the things you were telling me today about lesbianism, but not yet, not yet. The world is not ready.

    And yes, dear, you are right, it isn’t just London, it is all big city mentality types.

    Your Parisian flatmate was appalling, I had forgotted about her! Oh the humanity!

  6. I love this! It’s so funny! Londoners do think the Earth revolves around them (I would love to leave London and live elsewhere yet I can’t imagine being able to do all the musical things I do outside of London- I play the flute and sadly, orchestral places are few and far between for us!) Thanks for your concern Chris, yes I am still alive, just can’t be bothered to wade through all the Betablogger terms and conditions in order to update my blog- will get around to doing it at some point!

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