I always wondered why anarchists tended to drink herbal tea.

Then I overheard some talking, and it turns out that proper tea is theft.


18 thoughts on “Anarchists

  1. Love the new look, but is that really your nose?! And mouth, come to think of it. I am not convinced.

  2. Well maybe you weren’t paying enough attention when we met. At the University of Aberystwyth.

  3. Welshy, I think Chris will never let you forget your terrible mistake! It was pretty bad, I do have to agree. Very nice new blog Chris, better than the stupid fish!

  4. Thanks Rebecca.

    I included more pictures of me in case any of my readers have a crush on me. But you know, I have kept them small and vague to preserve the air of mystery.

    You know. Less is more. Or so they say.

  5. how can you be so offensive as to imply that it is my nose, thereby implying i look like chris. i am angry!

    Chris, very stylish dear

    good luck with getting some crushers

  6. there’s almost no proper tea in the USA, I’m reduced to using two teabags in a cup of the ‘British Blend’ tea bags, still tastes too weak.

  7. Oh, and hello to Emma. You snuck in while I was commenting…

    I apologise for the dearth of tea in America, they are a strange country.

    We will all know what to send you for Christmas now though!

  8. 🙂

    I’m going to refer to the other colour as purple, as it too becomes an acceptable gothic colour…though I suspect most would call it lilac…


  9. I get the Tetley tea British Blend over here (America) and it is fine. What are you drinking Emma? I get lots of Americans assuming I drink Earl Grey but I can’t stand the stuff. Hmm, now I want a cup of tea!

  10. molly…yeah it is the Tetley British Blend but I don’t think it cuts the mustard. I like tea the an orangey brown stewed colour. I just buy tons whenever I am in the UK or you can get imported PG tips here too.

  11. Well Emma, you must be as ‘ard as nails drinking that orangey brown stuff! I grew up on Tetley (literally I think, my mother gave it to me in a sippy cup) and so I love the taste and despise PG Tips. But, if I go back to England any time I will be sure to get some just for you!

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