Wanted: condom testers

Before you all e-mail me, I should probably point out that it is Durex that are looking, not me! Sorry girls!

They are looking for a mix of married people, couples and single people. Now I am a man of the world, and I know single people have sex on occasion, obviously as a last resort if there is nothing good on TV, but it would seem unusual in a survey like this.

The only thing I can think of is that they will pair people up when they apply. You would hope you got someone who lived relatively close wouldn’t you? Also, you would hope they weren’t disastrously ugly. Maybe they provide paper bags as well as condoms.

Anyway, a brilliant twist on a dating website – well done Durex!

Oh, and Sarah-Louise at Durex says “it isn’t some crazy kind of 60’s love-in” so if anyone was concerned about that aspect then don’t be!


10 thoughts on “Wanted: condom testers

  1. Well that might be a good way to blow away the cobwebs! What do you reckon Welshy?!!!

  2. Personally I would recommend a feather duster.

    Unless you are meaning something smutty in which case I recommend washing your mouth out with soap and taking some quiet time to consider your actions.


    i read this and couldn’t stop laughing. they think married people have sex!

    foolish people….

  4. I think this is why they want a mix of married and in “normal” relationships. To test them in a variety of circumstances.

    I assume the husbands go and take the condoms to the shed at the bottom of the garden, and the wives talk to other wives at the school gates about how special their condom is compared to other people’s.

    I could be wrong!

  5. Was she upset? I thought she just had nothing of interest to say with her “no comment” comment! I would never upset le Welsh….well, just tease her maybe but not purposely upset her!

  6. Not upset, just being careful. I wouldn’t want to be accused of sharing too much, now would I?

  7. Sharing is good, we want you to share! Especially about cobwebs, bottles etc.!!
    Teasing Welshy, just teasing!

  8. I know, I know. 🙂 Why do I attract people who want to tease me…? My dad and brothers (ok, so I probably didn’t attract them as such; I’m sure they were fairly obliged to be a part of my life), the Tart, Chris, Molly… Woe is me!

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